10 Poetry Reads For Cozy/Spooky Autumn Season

Autumn is not only for leaves and pumpkin spice, it’s time for reading poetry. Want light reading with beautiful chaotic verses? Try these different kinds of poetry for the cozy and spooky feels.

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I believe that poetry can be read by anyone. There are many kinds of poetry we need to read and venture into. For this autumn season, I won’t just provide cozy fall vibes but also spooky, reflection and healing, terror, and warmth. So if you want to lounge at home in slippers, go on an adventure, have alone time outdoors, or have plain Halloween or spooky frights, there will be a collection just for you in these 10 recommendations.

1. Dreaming of You – Melissa Lozada-Oliva

Dreaming of You, Fall Poetry

A macabre love story in verse that will entice and confuse you. The lyrical absurdity is heartfelt. The verses are about death, love, queer identity, celebrity struggles, the spotlight, and expectations of being a woman. Melissa is a Latinx poet who is lonely and full of heartache. She brings Selena Quintanilla back to life from the dead.

Prepare for gossip spirits to chime in on Melissa’s journey with eerie instances such as finding love, ghost prom, a shadow that looks like ‘her,’ and more disillusionment. Gruesome verses that explain losing/finding love, womanhood, being Latinx, obsession, and going in and out of your skin.

2. Loving Autumn – Emily Winter

Loving Autumn, Fall Poetry

Difficult times are ahead this fall season but you can also look forward to this season. This poetry collection encourages you to be in the present, have an adventure, and cherish yourself and the moments you are in. A simple fall cozy read for those cold nights or days in the park. You can definitely read this during pumpkin and apple picking.

3. Winter Roses After Fall – R.H. Sin and Robert M. Drake

Winter Roses After Fall, Fall Poetry

Poetry and prose can be found in this collection.

Picture this: the season is changing to a dreary cold. No. You are full of ice and melancholy, something is going on in your life this fall season. You want warm words, something to move your soul, despite how cold you feel, you want to grow.

The title of this collection is exactly what your eyes must read. If you want to grow during cold winters, receive warmth through the words of R.H. Sin and Robert M. Drake.

4. My Heart of Rice – Ashley C. Lanuza

My Heart of Rice, Fall Poetry

October is Hispanic Heritage Month, and this collection really brings out the cultural aspect of being who you are and celebrating it.

Vivid and rhythmic, Lanuza gives empowerment to those having trouble with their relationship with their cultural identity. Her words are here to strengthen that identity and accept uniqueness. Unity can be found in all cultures that have shared experiences. But she also mentions how we long to belong and assimilate. Explore the deep melting pot that is humanity.

5. The Hard Part is Living – Christabelle Marbun

The Hard Part is Living, Fall Poetry

I recommend this poetry to someone who is having issues with their mental health. The fall season may be filled with pumpkin spice and leaves, but what about your feelings? This collection shows being in love with everything that exhausts you. Being at peace with your fears and learning to fall in love with life again. These three things can look impossible, but rest assured Marbun’s words could sway your heart to try.

6. Brute – Emily Skaja

Brute, Fall Poetry

Time to get a little dark, for those who love a good deep philosophical read that you want to analyze and ask yourself those inner questions. Riveting questions about gender, sexuality, and violence. The voices in this collection are brave and furious. Read about how upsetting endings can turn into a reinvention of one’s self.

Speakers to expect are a sorceress, a bride, a warrior, a lover, an object, and an agent. Each of these incarnations discusses and goes against the grain with topics of feminine virtue, sin, vulnerability, love, and rage.

This book is perfect for transportation journeys wherever you are in the fall season. Sit down, look out the window briefly, and think about the questions in this collection, it can lead to interesting dark turns.

7. Cicadas Serenadas – Antonio Eramo

Cicadas Serenade, Fall Poetry

Suffering and beauty can be found in this poetry collection. Themes of dysphoria, sin, and romantic notions are pushing the limit and boundaries. They go hand in hand with the sanity of the poet— hope you like chaos in your writing! It’s a perfect read for when you want to blow your mind for the fall season.

8. Pangaea – Hinnah Mian

Pangaea, Fall Poetry

Whether we have been through trauma or just enjoy parsing through traumatic experiences, this collection is about it being inflicted on the body. Whether it comes from a person, country, or within, trauma can be directed through in this reading. Read the verses of how to be whole again when you are broken with this collection of tales and stories that hide beneath the skin.

For anyone going through trauma or not, reading this during the fall in your room all cozy with coffee or tea can help you self-reflect on taking care of yourself. Affirm your mind and body this season and always.

9. Satan’s Sweethearts – Marge Simon and Mary Turzillo

Satan's Sweethearts, Fall Poetry

Evil poetry and the history of villainesses like Ching-Shih, Delphine Lallavrie, and Lizzie Borden can be found in Satan’s Sweethearts. Simple as that. If you are a history buff and want to explore the evil women throughout history, prepare for very dark, conversational pieces that show how proud these women think they did.

10. Index of Haunted House – Adam O. Davis

Index of Haunted Houses, Fall Poetry

This is a perfect collection for when you’re going to a haunted house or recollecting times you’ve been to one during the Halloween season. There is a bit of a spooky trope within this read, but far from it in writing. Ghosts and the haunting spaces they left behind are unique in their own right in how they manifest.

I hope one of these collections piques your interest. Whether you prefer something philosophical, spooky, eerie, or just something warm, there is something for everyone in this cozy autumn collection.

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