Vegan Cookbooks We Recommend for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’re a vegan and need Thanksgiving recipe ideas, we have five recommendations for cookbooks you should try out.

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Vegans may tense up whenever they hear the word Thanksgiving. Everything focuses on the turkey. However, when it comes to vegetables being the side dishes, what about them being the star? We have five vegan cookbooks for you to try out and discover recipes for your Thanksgiving table this year.

GRATITUDE by One Green Planet


Plant-based recipe for Thanksgiving Traditional meals. From pot roasts to apple and pumpkin pies, all traditional ideas for your table. 10 vegan easy-to-follow recipes. Examples include desserts such as sweet potatoes chocolate pudding and spiced apple cake. Enjoy these hearty dishes such as roast root vegetables stacked with Dukkah or Vegducken.

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook by Tieghan Gerard

Gerard grew up pin the Colorado mountains. One out of seven children, at the age of fifteen she began cooking unique dishes which soon led to the blog Half Baked Harvest. Get ready for a fresh take on comfort foods with amazing twists, photos, and the mountain lifestyle. Examples od fishes to try are quinoa bibimbap, secret apple pie ingredients, and healthier slow cook butter-chicken.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Vegan Cookbook by Imana Grashuis and Tylor Starr


The uplifting vegan lifestyle is what you can expect from this cookbook dedicated to Harry Potter dishes. Author Grashuis is a recipe developer and photographer. Starr is the founder of The Protego Foundation and Chickpeeps podcast. There is text and imagery of the wizarding world. The foreword was written by Evanna Lynch, who is known for her role as Luna Lovegood.

The Gracias Madre Cookbook by Rachel Holtzman and Alan Sanchez


This cookbook is based on Mexico and Southern California, straight from a famous L.A. restaurant. The name speaks of integrity and love of grown food that is fresh. 125 simple home-cooked recipes. The Mexican pantry first centered on “The Three Sisters” also known as beans, corn, and chiles. Add spices and moles and that was the traditional Mexican cuisine. Prepare for astounding traditional pieces but vegan styles.

Death for Dinner Cookbook by Zach Neil


Your dark side of cooking will emerge with these 60 frightful and delicious plant-based comfort food baked goods and cocktails based on favorite horror movies and tv shows.

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