5 Fantastic Fictional Felines We’d Love To Be Friends With

Out of all the fictional felines and pop culture cats, these are the ones we’d like to be friends with the most! Which one is your favorite?

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In the world of fiction, there are many fan-favorite felines. From the Cat in the Hat to the Cheshire Cat, there are many cats to adore and love. With so many to choose from and so many different feline purr-sonalities (excuse my pun), it’s hard to choose which one might be our favorite. Instead, we chose 5 fictional felines we’d like to be friends with in honor of National Adopt-A-Cat Month!

1. Garfield

How can one choose not to be friends with Garfield? He’s witty and funny, and who wouldn’t want to eat some lasagna and pizza with him—I know I would! He’s honest and real about subjects and says what most of us are probably thinking (Why can’t I do nothing and eat food all day?). Plus, he’s cute and cuddly and tends to make sarcastic and sassy jokes for comedic relief. Despite all of this, he also has a soft side, especially for those he cares about, and tries to get them out of trouble, though he’s the one who usually gets them there in the first place!


2. Tom

Tom from Tom & Jerry is possibly the most mischievous cat ever created! He’s constantly trying to capture Jerry and always getting himself into dangerous situations. While getting into tricky situations with him might not be ideal, playing tricks and pranks is always fun! Sometimes it’s nice to goof off, and being friends with Tom would be the best way to do so!


3. Salem

In our third slot, it’s Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He’s funny, he’s sarcastic, he’s witty, and he wants to take over the world. He’s also quite adorable and makes every situation comedic. In addition to how adorable he is, he was originally a human who was cursed to live as a cat after he attempted world domination, which only seems to make him an even better candidate for a companion! Who wouldn’t want to help a cute cat (with great style) that lives with witches take over the world? He’s also very relatable and says what’s on his mind at any given minute. How I wish I could do that sometimes!


4. Puss in Boots

Ah, the most adorable cat on this list. Puss from Shrek 2 and Puss in Boots has everything. He’s cunning, sneaky, clever, and funny. However, perhaps his most important quality is that he is absolutely adorable with those big eyes of his. He’s constantly going on fun adventures and getting into trouble, but at the end of the day, he has a good heart and will do anything to protect the ones he loves, such as his mother and his friends. Not only does he have a sweet personality, but he does wonders with a sword, and his fashion sense is impeccable. I mean, he wears boots!


5. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer

For this last one, we chose two cats. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, from T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, are a few mischievous cats, like many others on our list. You may know them from the musical and later movie Cats. They’re always getting into trouble, breaking things, and stealing things. They’re a pair, and they’re often mistaken for one another, leading those around them to wonder which cat was responsible for the mischief when it is usually both!

We think it would be fun to sneak around with this pair and get into lots of trouble. I mean, haven’t you ever wanted to break an expensive vase just for the fun of it? If you were friends with this pair, you could! Honestly, any of the cats from this book would be fun to be friends with, but we think these two take the cake.


These were our choices for fictional felines we’d love to be friends with! Of course, while there are many great fictional felines and pop culture cats out there in movies, literature, TV shows, and much more, these five were our favorite candidates. Which one would you like to be friends with?

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