National Adopt A Cat Month: The Best Fictional Cats

Celebrate National Adopt a Cat Month with four of the best fictional cats from iconic books and comics. This is the 47th celebration since American Humane founded it in 1975.

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It’s officially National Adopt a Cat Month! Get your litter boxes and cat toys ready – it’s a great month to do something for our furry friends. American Humane chose this month 47 years ago because cat populations tend to rise during June due to their reproduction habits. This results in more sheltered cats and a lower chance of having a proper home. While they encourage adoption this month, it’s a reality that not everyone has that ability. Donating to your local shelters is also a great way to help improve conditions for cats. And to remind you just how wonderful these little creatures are, here are 4 fictional cats we all wish we could meet.

Salem Saberhagen


He’s sassy, he’s selfish, he’s 500 years old and he would do anything for Sabrina. Salem first appears in the Archie Comics series Sabrina the Teenage Witch as well as the identically titled 90s TV series and more recent Netflix adaptation Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Although he’s technically a human witch cursed to spend 100 years as a cat for attempting world domination, he’s got a soft spot for Sabrina which makes him quite loveable. Plus, he can still speak in his cat form and who doesn’t wish they could have a conversation with their cat?

The Cheshire Cat 

Cheshire Cat

This mildly discomforting cat is first depicted in Lewis Carroll’s 1865 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. He went on to become an easily recognizable animated character in various adaptations of the novel. The Cheshire Cat is creepy but intriguing at the same time – we somehow can’t get enough of him. And despite the mischievous cat’s seeming lack of morals, he does guide Alice in a confusing, roundabout way. We may not want the Cheshire Cat in our homes but his tendency to appear out of nowhere is not unlike our own cats’ behavior.



A very grumpy-looking Crookshanks belonged to Hermione who first adopted him at the beginning of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. He’s intelligent and capable of judging intentions and trustworthiness in people and Animagus. We see proof of this when Crookshanks repeatedly attacks Ron’s rat, Scabbers, who was actually Peter Pettigrew the entire time. He also helps Hermione, Ron and Harry by leading them down tunnels or helping them find information. Crookshanks played a small part in the large world of Harry Potter but a vital one nonetheless. And if Hermione didn’t have to leave him behind later in the series, surely he’d be her life-long companion.



Alright, Goose IS technically not a cat. She’s a Flerken. But this alien species from the Marvel comics look like cats so technically she is allowed to be on the list. Flerkens first appear in Giant-Size Ms. Marvel #1 and Goose, specifically, appeared in the MCU as Mar-Vell’s pet in Captain Marvel. She’s revealed to have a very unique anatomy that comes in handy as Carol Danvers and Nick Fury fight the Kree. So she’s not exactly a cat, but she looks and acts like one so I think we can let this one slide. And let’s be real, sometimes our own cats do weird things that make us think they aren’t from this world either.

All of these cats come with their own loveable quirks much like those we have in our lives. As we get started with National Adopt a Cat Month take a trip to your local shelter. You may find that your home is perfect for welcoming a furry family member. If you can’t adopt, consider donating or simply spending time with some of the cats at shelters near you.