5 Books That Take Place in Idaho for National Potato Day

Idaho is known as the Potato State! Here at Bookstr, we are celebrating National Potato Day by exploring five books that are set in the state of Idaho.

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August 19th is National Potato Day! On this day, we celebrate the potato crops and the many ways we can eat and enjoy this food in various ways. We also appreciate the state of Idaho, which is known for its potato farming industry. Here at Bookstr, we will be exploring five books that take place in Idaho, home of the potato.

1. Educated by Tara Westover

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Educated is a memoir about a seventeen-year-old girl named Tara, going into a classroom for the first time. Most of her life was spent in the mountains of Idaho. She was born into a family of survivalists, and she spent most of her time prepping for the end of the world. She gathered canned goods, stewed herbs with her healer mother, and salvaged materials in the junkyard with her father. Her father is strict about avoiding hospitals, and prefers to use only herbal medicine treatments. Because her life was isolated from society and technology, she had never been to a school.

Tara decided to educated herself in math and grammar, which led her to a school opportunity at Brigham Young University. She discovered history, and quickly became enamored with United States history and other important historical events. Her curiosity led her to explore various places. From Harvard to Cambridge, she dives into the exploration of knowledge.

2. All Over Creation by Ruth Ozeki

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Yumi Fuller hasn’t been to Liberty Falls, Idaho, a popular potato farming hub, ever since she ran away at fifteen. Now, twenty-five years later, she is confronting her dying parents, best friend, and other conflicts.

Yumi quickly gets entangled in small town drama. The farm community has been invaded by agribusiness and has encouraged war against activists called the Seeds of Resistance. This resistance travels in a car called The Spudnick which is powered by french fry oil.

This novel explores environmental issues and agricultural concerns. All Over Creation is a warm and witty read which discusses corporations, globalization, and political resistance.

3. The Sheep Queen by Thomas Savage

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The Sheep Queen is a western family story that is rich and compelling. As part of the Sweringen family in Idaho, Emma is the matriarch, also known as the Sheep Queen. She has a daughter who disappoints her, a grandson who adores her, and a granddaughter who was given up for adoption and has spent their life finding her way back to her.

The Sheep Queen is widely about the importance of roots and the definition of family. This epic family saga into the American West is sure to excite you!

4. Strangers in the Forest by Carol Ryrie Brink

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Strangers in the Forest was originally published in 1959. This story was included in the Reader’s Digest Condensed Book Series.

Picture Idaho in 1908, when the United States Forest Service was on the rise in order to protect the forests. At this time in history, the nation was ready to instill conservation efforts in the land. Read this book to find out how the effects of Idaho’s inexhaustible forests changed the forest industry.

5. What Beauty There Is by Cory Anderson

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What Beauty There Is discusses how choices can make you or break you.

Jack Morton doesn’t have anything. Except his younger brother, Matty, who he will do anything for, Even die for. Now that his mother is gone, his funds are running low. He has two choices: lose his brother to the foster care system, or find his father’s drug money which led him to prison. He chooses the money.

Meanwhile, Ava Bardem is living in isolation with a controlling father. She has spent her seventeen years of life learning to love no one and trust no one. Nearby, Victor Bardem is tracking down the same drug money, and he has his eye on Jack. She has two choices: remain silent or help the brothers. What will she choose?

We hope you enjoy these five book recommendations based in Idaho for National Potato Day! For more book recommendations go to Bookstr.

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