3 Big Reasons Why Books Make the Best Gifts

Books are our lifeblood. Where would we be without them? And though some people don’t appreciate them, we still think they make the best gifts out there!

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Maybe you’ve slept through every reminder on your phone. Maybe the bills piled up and you kept putting off the Christmas shopping. Whatever the reason, you’ve found yourself at the end of your rope, wondering what to get your friends and family. You need something that won’t make them question inviting you to the holiday get together next year… but what? While the hot new toy or this year’s flashy new device might be your first thought, here are 3 big reasons why books make the best gifts!

We call them, the three Cs…


Ipad vs books for gifts

The best thing about books is how convenient they are! Almost everyone would agree that books can be taken just about everywhere. In comparison, people who rely on Kindles, or iPads or other devices are always at the mercy of outlets. Going to the beach? Well, you’ll hardly find one there! But a book? It doesn’t have a battery and doesn’t require a cord to keep working. And sure, it might be a little bulky, depending on its size, but at least you don’t have to worry about sun glare or anyone wanting to steal it from you!


Unless you’re looking for collector’s editions or unique foiled edges (or even just regular hardcovers), books do not typically tend to be expensive. Unlike with technology and more common commercial gifts, you won’t have to break the bank when you’re book shopping for your loved ones!

And if you’re really pressed for cash, the absolutely stellar things with books is that typically the more raggedy and worn they are, the more charming they seem! So if you need to, hit up that used bookstore you always walk by and take a look around. You’re sure to find something there for someone special in your life!

(Easy) Compatibility!


In our opinion, unless you’re shopping for a bonafide book-hater (why would you be?), there is most certainly a book out there for everyone. People never quite realize it, but you’re always able to find something for even the most esoteric and niche interests!

Is your brother a fan of horror movies and loves cooking? Consider Death for Dinner, a cookbook that seamlessly combines both those things! Is your best friend a sucker for self-help books and head over heels for her puppy companion? Alison Davies’ Be More Dog: Life Lessons from Man’s Best Friend is the perfect pick! No matter where people’s unique hobbies intersect, there’s some book aisle out there that can easily cater to their needs!

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