Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts To Give as a Non-Bookish Person

Are you a non-bookish person? No problem! We’ve got you covered this holiday season to impress all your bookish friends with these 10 fantastic gifts!

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Gift Guide for your bookish friends as a non-bookish person

Buying for your friends during the holidays is already a complex feat. You want to get them the perfect gift, but don’t know what to get. Add in their love of books, and it only gets more complicated. Especially when you don’t know their favorite series or genre. There are so many options out there for bookish gifts, that shopping for presents seems impossible. Fortunately, we have the fix for you! Bookstr has curated 10 of the best bookish gifts to get your friends. They’re so good that they won’t even know you’re non-bookish.

1. Booklight

Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts To Give As A Non-Bookish Person. Green booklight

Pressed for ideas? A booklight is a great gift for any bookish person. For myself and many others, reading in bed at night is a delicacy, so owning a booklight is a must-have. With this rechargeable light, you’ll never have to worry about the batteries suddenly dying in the middle of a reading session. Included are three color modes and brightness adjusters, allowing for all sorts of options for whatever reading environment you’re in. This gift will surely put you in a positive light with all your bookish friends.

2. Transparent Sticky Notes

Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts To Give As A Non-Bookish Person. Transparent colorful sticky notes.

If you’re like me, you love annotating your books with little comments and insights into your favorite pages and paragraphs, but regular sticky notes are so bulky and take up a lot of the page. Luckily, this Etsy shop, LondonStationeryShop, supplies transparent sticky notes! Goodbye to the days of marking up the actual page. Now you can underline and comment on some of your favorite quotes without worrying about permanently changing your book. This gift will be a game-changer for all book lovers.

3. Banned Books Puzzle

Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts To Give As A Non-Bookish Person. Banned books puzzle.

I don’t know what it is about bookish people being obsessed with puzzles, but the love is there. Want to give your friends the gift of fun and knowledge? Look no further! This 1,000-piece puzzle from Barnes & Noble is both an exciting challenge and allows you and your friends to learn about the numerous banned books in this country. As the topic of banned books continues to rise, this is a great gift to get your bookish friend who’s concerned with the recent uptick in censorship.

4. Scratch-Off Poster

Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts To Give As A Non-Bookish Person. Scratch-off poster of top 100 books.

Don’t know what book to get your bookish friend? Why not get them all the books in this convenient Scratch-Off Poster? The list includes the top 100 books ever to be made. To reveal the colorful book covers, simply scratch off the top layer once you’ve finished reading. From classics, to science-fiction, to fantasy, this will let your bookish friends pick and choose which famous fable they’d like to read. Sold from a variety of retailers, this poster allows your friends the freedom of choice, while you get them an amazing gift with little-to-no stress.

5. Bookstore Scented Candles

Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts To Give As A Non-Bookish Person. Bookshop scented candles.

Even non-bookish people know how powerful the smell of books and bookstores is. Seriously, what’s not to like about the fresh scent of parchment all over the place? I’d go into bookstores just to get that nostalgic smell, but now, you don’t have to! You can have your whole room smelling like your favorite old bookstore in just a few minutes. Etsy seller, CosyArtLondon, has a whole wonderous collection of handmade candles for any book lover. I might have to take my advice and get myself this gift for Christmas.

6. Personal Library Kit

Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts To Give As A Non-Bookish Person. Personal library kit

Have you noticed that your bookish friend likes to share their collection with others? Giving them a Personal Library Kit will be a show-stopping gift. It includes everything a personal library should need. Self-adhesive pockets, checkout cards, a date stamper, an ink pad, and of course, a pencil. Encased in perfect packaging for any moment, this gift can be for a book sharer or a book collector.

7. Bookish Blanket

Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts To Give As A Non-Bookish Person. Bookish blanket with cute designs of books.

Can anybody truly read without a blanket comforting them? I know I can’t. Being all cozy while reading is the perfect combination. It gets your mind ready to jump into the wonders of reading. But why not go to the next level, and get a bookish-themed blanket just for reading? RedBubble user, ohjessmarie, has the right idea. With adorable designs and soft fabric, any bookish person would love to crawl up into this blanket and get to reading. Perfect for people of any age, this blanket works great as a comforter or a simple throw blanket. The choice is yours.

8. Bath Book Caddy

Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts To Give As A Non-Bookish Person. Bath book caddy for the bathtub.

For your bookish friends who live on the wild side, this will make their bookish bathtimes a whole lot easier. I wish I could be that person who read in the bath, but this Bath Book Caddy might have me reconsider. Available from most online sellers, this book caddy has everything a book lover needs! It includes adjustable ends for any sized bathtub, along with slip-resistant silicone grips, so that you never have to worry about your book having an accidental bath. Coming in a multitude of colors, this book caddy is perfect for any book lover wishing to have an at-home bookish spa day.

9. Bookish Tote Bag

Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts To Give As A Non-Bookish Person. Bookish tote bag with cute designs of books.

Does your bookish friend struggle to carry their new books from the bookstore to the car? If so, they’re in desperate need of a beautiful bookish tote bag. Whether they’re picking up or dropping off books, this is a need for any book lover. Made with canvas-like material and designed with delightful little drawings, your friends will be the talk of the bookstore. This handy bag comes in three different sizes to accommodate those who need a little more room to make their trips to book sales more comfortable.

10. Book Club Journal

Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts To Give As A Non-Bookish Person. Book club journal in pink.

Whether you consider book clubs to be organized events or just casual conversations with your friends, this Book Club Journal will help you stay on track. There’s no need to worry about space. This journal contains plenty of room for rankings, opinions, discussions, and future plans for the next meeting. Even if your friends don’t have an official book group, this journal also allows for individual writings about their most recent book. Whatever the case may be, this journal lets the reader take control and remember their previous ponderings about their favorite reads. 

These 10 items are some of the best bookish gifts you could give to your friends this year. No matter what you get them, they’ll appreciate you just trying to find the perfect bookish gift. We hope that this helpful gift guide will score you big friendship points with your bookish buds for the holidays. 

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