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10 of the Most… Interesting Book Covers

First and foremost, my intention with writing this article comes from a place of silliness and not from criticism. Every author here should be proud of the fact that they have written a book that’s available for purchase, that in and of itself is an accomplishment worthy of recognition. Writing isn’t easy, but apparently neither is Photoshop.

I also don’t mean to pick on romance novels specifically, they just seem to have the most eye-catching artwork.

It’s fun to giggle at a goofy picture, so here’s a collection of book covers in no particular order of importance that are sure to make you chuckle (or at the very least say “… huh?”).

You definitely shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, so every book listed will be linked as well. Check them out! Your future favorite novel just might be here!



10-Country Christmas 

Country ChristmasImage via Amazon


Country Christmas is a gentle introduction to the types of things you’ll be seeing on this list. It’s got a lot of fonts, it’s difficult to tell what’s going on, and it appears to be comprised of several stock images stacked on top of one another. A triple threat that might make you scratch your head, but not wholly offensive to the eyes.



DerekImage via Goodreads


I’m not sure who Derek is, but he seems a little rough around the edges. He must be important, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to pull a Madonna and go first name only.

He probably also wouldn’t have a gun.


8-His Reluctant Cowboy

His Reluctant CowboyImage via Amazon


The thing I like most about this cover is the way the cowboys appear to be sprouting straight out of the ground. That plus the fact that these cowboys are clearly from two different photo-shoots with two different lighting setups is what really makes His Reluctant Cowboy stand out from the crowd.



7-The BBW and the Space Lord: A Tale From Alpha Space

The BBW and the Space LordImage via Amazon


There’s a lot going on here. Like, a lot. The BBW and the Space Lord: A Tale From Alpha Space is described as a “humorous erotic adventure,” a vibe that I can certainly pick up from it’s cover. I also get a ‘what if X-Files was on public access and also ten times hornier’ sort of vibe, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


6-Now That I’m a Ghost I’m Gay

Now That I'm a Ghost I'm GayImage via Wired


I won’t lie, this is a good book cover. I’m already very invested.

I want Now That I’m a Ghost I’m Gay written on my tombstone.


5-Ghost Raptor Seduction

Ghost Raptor SeductionImage via Amazon


Ghost Raptor Seduction is about a love triangle of paleontologists’ visit to a haunted dig site. I think there’s a sex scene between a human woman and a dino ghost. I don’t want to believe it, but the half naked woman and the semi-transparent raptor lying on the same bed sort of make it hard to deny.



4-Shy Boy

Shy BoyImage via Amazon


Does this cover make more or less sense when you know that Shy Boy is about male pregnancy?


3-Harvey and His Bunny

Harvey and His BunnyImage via Goodreads


Based on both the title and the cover of Harvey and His BunnyI can only assume that there are exactly two characters in this book. I can also only assume that the pair hangout in front of some exposed brick and that romance ensues. And my heart of hearts I want to believe that Harvey is shirtless and tanned throughout the whole thing.


2-Two Fathers One Secret

Two Fathers One SecretImage via Amazon


Once again, there’s a lot going on here. In the universe of Two Fathers One Secretthe sun must be so bright that no one can look up from the ground.

Also, I’ve never seen Game of Thrones but this is pretty much it, right?


1-Werebear vs. Werecow

Werebear vs WerecowImage via Amazon


Werebear vs. Werecow is by the same author who wrote Ghost Raptor Seduction, and its cover is every bit as… surprising. The most surprising part? Werebear appears to be a normal bear, while werecow is a sexy lady in a cow bikini. How is a human woman meant to fight a bear, and why didn’t she put on something a little more protective in preparation? This story is also listed on Amazon as being intended for audiences 18 years or older. Please tell me no one has sex with a bear.




Featured Image Via Goodreads

New Stephen King Book Cover Revealed!

A new Stephen King novel is always something to get excited about, and his latest one definitely sounds like a real page-turner.

King has revealed the cover of his new novel The Institute, which tells the story of a boy named Luke with special powers who is kidnapped and sent to a facility. As other children at the facility start to disappear, Luke must find a way to escape.

King has described the novel as a battle of “good vs. evil” with a story “as psychically terrifying as Firestarter, and with the spectacular kid power of It

Announced in late January, the cover of the novel was revealed in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly.


Image result for stephen king the institute

Image Via Entertainment Weekly



The book will be available September 10th.


Featured Image Via GeekTyrant