Three to Read: Books That’ll Prove You’re The Best Gift Giver Ever

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the bookish buddy in your life? Three to Read has got you covered! We’ve found a few good books to tuck under the tree.

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Three to Read: Gift Giving

Welcome back to Bookstr’s Three to Read, book lovers! We hope you had a restful week where you could take the time to appreciate the people around you. As November ends, it’s almost impossible to escape the spirit of the upcoming holiday season. With only a few weeks left until Christmas, it’s time to start getting your shopping list together, and what better gift to give than a book?

For this week’s Three to Read, our team at Bookstr selected three books that are perfect gifts from one bookish friend to another! Whether they need a book to get them out of a reading slump or are avid readers, there’s something special for everyone.

Hot Pick

The Do-Over

by Lynn Painter

The Do-Over, Three to Read to make you the best Gift giver ever


Think Groundhog Day, but you’re forced to relive your boyfriend cheating on you (on Valentine’s Day!!) every. Single. Day. After having the worst V-Day ever, Emilie wakes up to find that it’s still February 14. Another day passes, and she’s still reliving the same horrible day. Between seeing her boyfriend’s infidelity and trying to find a way out of the time loop, Emilie can’t stop running into a boy named Nick. How can Emilie move on if she can’t keep the past behind her?


In Lynn Painter’s newest YA novel, readers see Emilie trying to escape the hellish time loop that keeps her from moving forward after the worst day ever. This book is a perfect gift for friends obsessed with classic romance tropes, who enjoy unique storytelling, and who love a good ol’ romcom.

Coffee Shop Read

Stay True: A Memoir

by Hua Hsu

Three to Read  to make you the best Gift giver ever


When Hsu was in college, he never expected to befriend Ken, the average Japanese American boy that was his antithesis. But after late nights and deep conversations, the two began to form a bond that lasted almost three years. Their friendship was tragically cut short when Ken was murdered while being carjacked. To grieve and hold on to his memories with Ken, Hsu began to write and never stopped.


New Yorker staff writer Hua Hsu gets incredibly personal and vulnerable when speaking about friendship, grief, and what it means to belong in his memoir. This one should be gifted with care for book lovers looking for introspection, facing existentialism, or are fond of reading about deep human connections.

Dark Horse

The Fall of Númenor

by JRR Tolkien

The Fall of Numenor Three to Read to make you the best Gift giver ever


You thought you’d read it all when it came to Tolkien, but behold! The son of the Lord of the Rings author, Christopher Tolkien, and editor Brian Sibley have compiled a comprehensive volume of Tolkien’s drafted works. These stories immerse readers in the Second Age of Middle-earth and follow the timeline that Tolkien intended. Aside from this, the volume includes gorgeous illustrations by Alan Lee.


Even all these years later, JRR Tolkien’s novels still have people enamored with the world and language he created. Christopher Tolkien and Sibley took great care in compiling this stunning volume and sharing more of Tolkien’s unpublished writings with a new generation. This is a must-have for any LOTR or fantasy fan.

We hope that these books have inspired some good gifts for you to give this holiday season! For more Three to Read book recommendations, click here.