Gift Guide: 9 Must-Have Book Subscription Services

Book subscription services are the gift that keeps on giving, and this gift guide is all about them. This holiday, surprise your loved ones with one of these.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Book Subscription Services 2022

Getting a new book is one of the best feelings in existence. That new-book smell, those extra crisp pages, and the excitement for the story which lies within. And, what’s more convenient than getting it delivered directly to your door? There are tons of great book subscription services available currently, and I couldn’t keep myself from compiling a gift guide of some of the best. So, this holiday season, consider treating the avid readers in your life (or yourself!) to one of these superb subscriptions.

1. Book of the Month

For those who love options

Gift Guide: Book Subscription Services
#1. Book of the Month

First book $9.99, then $16.99/month

You may have already heard about Book of the Month, and that comes as no surprise. With its origins dating back to 1926, it’s the oldest subscription box. And, if you like to be able to choose, it might just be the box for you! Each month, subscribers are given the option of five different hardcover books, both fiction and non-fiction, with an emphasis on early releases and debut authors.

Based on how you’re feeling about the selection, you can either pick one of the five, opt out for the month, or even add additional books on for an extra fee. If you struggle with picking out gifts for people, this subscription is especially awesome as they’re the ones who actually make the decisions!

2. Caffeine & Legends

For those who love to cozy up with a warm beverage

Gift Guide: Book Subscription Services
#2. Caffeine & Legends

Prices start at $38.99/month

If you like sipping on something sweet while you read, then this subscription is practically calling your name. Caffeine & Legends lets customers pick between coffee, tea, drinking chocolate, or a combination of the three of them. To go with your beverage of choice, you’ll receive the featured adult fantasy novel for that month. In addition to this, a surprise item and recipe are also included in each month’s box. What’s not to love?

3. Page 1

For those who love personalization

Gift Guide: Book Subscription Services
#3. Page 1

Prices start at $99.00/3 months

Want to feel extra special? This subscription service is completely tailored to every individual, with each month’s book being hand-selected specifically for them. Upon starting your subscription, Page 1 requires you to fill out a questionnaire for their book experts to better understand what you like to read. Not only that, but they also give you the option of sending the link to your Goodreads account if you want to get even more into specifics. Additionally, you can select if you want hardcover or large print books. If you struggle to find books you actually enjoy, this might just be the one for you!

4. FairyLoot

For those who love accessories

Gift Guide: Book Subscription Services
#4. FairyLoot

Prices start at $35.90/month

Don’t get me wrong, books make excellent presents on their own. But, who doesn’t love a little extra surprise here and there? FairyLoot is a YA fantasy subscription service that always incorporates themed trinkets and knick knacks into their monthly boxes. Each box comes with a hardcover book, author letter, and four relevant accessories. Some examples of previous items include coasters, blankets, pins, jewelry boxes, bookmarks, mugs, and more. To top it all off, the books are signed by the authors, and typically come with exclusive covers, artwork, or embossing. Pretty cool.

5. OwlCrate

For the Young Adult genre reader

Gift Guide: Book Subscription Services
#5. OwlCrate

Prices start at $35.99/month

Do you love reading YA novels? OwlCrate brings its subscribers some of the best new books within the genre, along with a bunch of other goodies. Each box contains a signed exclusive edition, a letter from the author, and a handful of surprises. In the past, items have ranged from body mist sprays, tapestries, lanterns, drawstring backpacks, water bottles, wall clocks, pen sets, and more. This subscription service will not disappoint!

6. Introverts Retreat

For the self-care devotee

Gift Guide: Book Subscription Services
#6. Introverts Retreat

Prices start at $36.99/month

Sometimes you need some serious R&R, and in my opinion, the best way to relax is to unwind with a good book. This monthly box comes with “everything you need to avoid people,” including a candle, 1 lb of scented bath salts, a bar of handmade soap, a yummy snack, and of course, a new novel of your choice. Not only that, but if you don’t like your book, they’ll send you another from their overstock collection, free of charge. Introverts Retreat delivers a full literary experience for the perfect night in, making this subscription one of the best.

7. Literati

For the special children in your life

Gift Guide: Book Subscription Services
#7. Literati

Prices start at $9.95/month

Literati is one of greatest book subscription services out there for kids. They cater to various different ages, dividing children into four different groups: babies & toddlers (0-4), preschool to 2nd grade (4-8), 3rd to 5th grade (8-11), and 6th to 8th grade (11-14). When ordering, Literati asks you a handful of questions in order to curate books tailored to the child’s interests. Then, five stories will be delivered to their door each month. And, if the kids don’t like the books, you can send them back for free. Literati only requires you to pay for the stories you end up keeping.

8. Audible

For those who love audiobooks

Gift Guide: Book Subscription Services
#8. Audible

First month free, then $14.95/month

Do you love reading but can never find the time for it? Audiobooks are the perfect solution to that. You can throw it on in the car, at the gym, or in the background while cooking. Audible grants subscribers access to an unlimited library of best-selling audiobooks, as well as Audible originals and popular podcasts. Truly the perfect gift for the reader who is always on the go.

9. Kindle Unlimited

For the e-reader

Gift Guide: Book Subscription Services
#8. Kindle Unlimited

First month free, then $9.99/month

If you prefer to read e-books, Kindle Unlimited is the subscription for you! With this service, you unlock access to unlimited reading, unlimited audiobooks, and magazine subscriptions. This is especially great if you’re a speedy reader, as you can have another book with just a few swipes of your fingertips.

I hope you found this gift guide helpful, and wish you a very happy holiday season!

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