Three Snowed-In Stories To Celebrate The Winter Solstice

Settle in this winter solstice with three unique snowed-in stories, including a holiday comfort read, an eerie thriller, and one icy adventure.

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As a lifetime New Englander, I have embraced being snowed-in for the winter my whole life. Coupled with a cozy fire and a good book, I admit, it’s not a bad way to spend time at home for the holidays. As much as we lament leaving fall behind, this week’s Three to Read heralds the official change of seasons with a celebration of the winter solstice. Wherever you may find yourself this season, here are three distinct snowed-in stories to fuel your winter reading escapism.

Hot Pick

Snowed In For Christmas

by Sarah Morgan

Snowed In For Christmas-- book cover-- teal door with a wreath-- Three Snowed-In Stories To Celebrate The Winter Solstice
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The Millers may look like a perfect family to an unassuming onlooker, but they have their fair share of resentments and secrets, broken dreams, and consuming fears. When Lucy Clarke appears on the family doorstep, desperate to secure a business endeavor and save her job, her last wish is to intrude on the “perfect” family’s festivities. However, a winter storm leaves her trapped in their abode, where lots of drama and chemistry are bound to ignite.


This snowed-in story is contemporary romance fiction at its best. With lots of page-turning drama and heartwarming holiday vibes, this is a great story to induct this winter season. Sarah Morgan interweaves the unique arcs of each Miller sibling to provide a touching picture of a perfectly flawed family against an idyllic snowy backdrop.

Coffee Shop Read

The Overnight Guest

by Heather Gudenkauf

The Overnight Guest-- a little house at the bottom-- black backdrop-- Three Snowed-In Stories To Celebrate The Winter Solstice
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True crime writer, Wylie Lark, doesn’t mind being snowed-in alone at an old farmhouse. It’s the perfect, quiet solitary retreat to write her next book. It’s all well and perfect, aside from the fact that the rural home was the site of an unexplained double homicide decades prior. As the blizzard rages on, Wylie’s night trapped in the house takes a strange turn when she discovers a small child in the snow outside. Maybe she’s not alone after all…


Heather Gudenkauf’s 2022 thriller is truly chilling– utilizing a snowy setting to create unease and suspense from start to finish. Moving between the year of the murders and present day, The Overnight Guest is perfect for all the true crimers who want a heart-pounding, high-tension mystery for those long winter nights.

Dark Horse

Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves

by Meg Long

Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves-- wolf cut out with a girl-- Three Snowed-In Stories To Celebrate The Winter Solstice
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On the ice planet that Sena Korhosen calls home, a treacherous tundra environment hosts many a fantastical and treacherous foe. From ice goblins to gangsters to giant bears, Sena is set on the fight for her life, accompanied by her wolf, Iska. The backdrop for her bone-chilling journey is an esteemed sled race that cost both her mothers’ lives five years ago. Will Sena’s survivalist upbringing see her through to victory and secure her chance of escaping her frozen world once and for all?


For many, winter is a season of survival. Meg Long’s adventurous debut takes this to a whole new level with a survival story for the ages featuring one fierce female protagonist and her fighting wolf. If you’re looking for a sci-fi winter read with some truly impressive worldbuilding and moving emotional arcs, make sure to check out Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves.

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