The Best Ways To Show Love to the Book Lovers in Your Life

Love is in the air! So why not spread some of that love to the book lovers in your life? Here are a few of the best ways to give all the book lovers some love.

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It might be hard to believe but there is nothing book lovers love more than books. Undoubtedly, we are just so in love with the stories we read, the characters portrayed, and the emotional rollercoasters authors write for us.

However, every now and then, book lovers should be reminded that the love they have for everything within a book and the reading experience exists in real life too. Therefore, let’s help the bookworm in your life from escaping reality through books by showing them some love in the best ways possible.

1. Gift Them With Books or Bookish Gifts

A book gift for book lovers

Of course, books are a sure way to make your book lover feel special and loved. Maybe buy them a book they’ve been wanting or even a book you think they’d like. Whatever book it may be, books are such thoughtful gifts for a book lover. However, another great option is bookish gifts. They will surely enhance a bookworm’s reading experience. Unsure what to buy, Bookstr has so many gift guides for all types of book lovers so make sure to check them out here.

2. Spend the Day at a Library

A library

Valentine’s Day is not the only day to show love to your partner. It is also a day to show love to the book lovers in your life as well as the libraries that help support our love for books. Libraries are truly beautiful because they provide books as well as many services and programs for everyone in their community. All libraries are beautiful because any place filled with books is the most mesmerizing sight for bookworms. Therefore, libraries should have our continued support. So make sure to read this article on the best ways to help your local libraries.

3. Take a Trip to the Bookstore

A sign that reads 'Book Store'

Another way to show love to your book lover is to spend the day with them at the bookstore. A trip to the bookstore is an instant serotonin boost for any book lover. Let them shop and splurge to their heart’s content. Just make sure not to judge them and how many unread books they probably have at home waiting for them. Oftentimes, bookstores usually have a cafe inside or nearby. So, stop by the cafe, grab a drink, and just spend some time reading together.

4. Help Them Start a Little Free Library

A Little Free Library

Little free libraries are an incredible way to connect book lovers within the community, inspire readers, and expand book accessibility. According to the Little Free Library Organization, it is a “‘take a book, return a book’ free book exchange.” They’re usually small wooden boxes filled with books; however, you can use what you have and set it outside within the community. Therefore, everyone is welcome to take a book or even bring one to share with other readers. Here is how to start one.

5. Have a Movie Marathon of Book Adaptations

A group of bookworms enjoying a movie.

A movie marathon is already fun, but one full of movies adapted from books is a fun way to spend some time with bookworms. You can watch both the best adaptations all the way to the really bad ones too. Let your book lover complain and praise all the similarities and differences they probably know by heart between the movies and the books. 

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Book lovers should experience the love they have for their favorite stories and characters in real life as well! And hopefully, they’re able to with this list.

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