3 Touching Reads About Female Friendship for Galentine’s Day

Sick of Valentine’s Day? I hear you. Treat yourself to one of these three stellar new releases that remind us that Galentine’s Day is where it’s at.

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Galentine’s Day isn’t an official holiday, but it darn well should be! Some of the most enduring displays of love that we can count on throughout our lives come from friendships. Therefore, to pay homage to the power of platonic love, this week’s Three to Read showcases some incredible new releases that tackle female friendship. From touching coming-of-age journeys to heartwarming comedies that tell it like it is, these reads contain all the joy, honesty, wit, and warmth of a lifelong friend.

Hot Pick


by Jessica George

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Maddie’s life in London has been a bit underwhelming, to say the least. With her mother in Ghana, she’s become the primary caretaker for her father, who has an advanced stage of Parkinson’s. As for work, a nightmarish boss and stagnated career have left her feeling burnt out on the daily. However, when her mother finally returns to step in as caretaker, she gains the long-awaited opportunity to break free from the family home. Moving out on her own and ready to tackle all sorts of “firsts,” Maddie’s story explores contemporary womanhood with depth and humor.


Through the eyes of an authentic protagonist ready to leave the nest and step into her full potential, comes a vibrant debut of impressive scope. Maame addresses a breadth of topics – including familial duty, love, sexuality, identity, and the life-saving power of friendship. In all, this fresh new fiction story strikes a remarkable balance between the heartbreaking and the humorous, the joy and grief of growing up and finding where you belong.

Coffee Shop Read

The Sweet Spot

by Amy Poeppel

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In the heart of Greenwich Village, an accidental sorority is born when a baby shows up on the collective doorstep of three unique women. Thus, by the forces of fate, unlikely friendships form as the trio struggles to figure out how best to raise this mystery infant. Set against the backdrop of a retro NYC brownstone with a downstairs dive bar called “The Sweet Spot,” this delightful story is brought to life with a large cast of eccentric, realistic, and relatable characters.


Author Amy Poeppel brings a charming spin to the found family trope with The Sweet Spot – a guaranteed feel-good story all about love, friendship, and community. This light-hearted read, told with wit and warmth, provides plenty of laugh-out-loud moments with enduring takeaways about forgiveness and redemption sure to leave you with a full heart.

Dark Horse

Someone Else’s Shoes

by Jojo Moyes

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It all starts when two women accidentally grab each other’s gym bags after a morning workout. Nisha Cantor’s was full of luxurious items – a Chanel jacket and custom Louboutins – which reflect her glamorous lifestyle tied to an ultra-wealthy husband. Contrarily, Sam Kemp’s gym bag was an afterthought. Losing it is the least of her worries. An overworked sales representative with an unemployed husband, Sam is trying to narrowly stave off bankruptcy. Forced to walk in another’s shoes by a twist of fate, these two women each embark on life-changing arcs.


Set in London during the pandemic, Jojo Moyes’ new novel introduces us to two strong, unique female characters. Utilizing multiple POVs, the storylines of Nisha and Sam diverge and intersect in an engaging, contemporary plot of drama, laughter, and a little bit of romance. Out of a swapped circumstance plot set-up, readers discover enduring themes of friendship, motherhood, and inner strength.

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