Poetry Recs from Bookstr Graphic Designer Krysten Winkler

Let’s get to know Bookstr Graphic Designer Krysten! Read on to learn more about her and five of her favorite poetry books sure entice you to add to your TBR!

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Bookstr graphic Designer Krysten Winker in a bookstr orange background with Bookstr Team Tuesday written in White

Welcome back to another week of Bookstr Team Tuesdays! This week, we’re introducing you to Bookstr Graphic Designer Krysten. She has an eye for bookish design and a style all her own. Whether it’s graphics or illustration, she’s killing it for the Bookstr social platforms! Be sure to check her out on Insta profiles @adrop_oflife, and @Bookstrofficial!

When she’s not designing for Bookstr and outside clients, Krysten can be found putting in some serious hours on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim videogame while chugging some iced coffee. That might include a nap or ten while snuggled up with her precious baby girl.

She may be a visual artist whose favorite inspiration is Van Gogh, but Krysten loves poetry, too. So, this week’s book recommendations are five collections of wonderous words in graphic detail that paint a picture best suited for a designer like Krysten. Let’s dive in to see what books she has in store for us!

Almost Home Poems By Madison Kuhn

“This collection explores struggles within and how to outwardly put those feelings into words. Sometimes, it is hard to put feelings into words, but she does so beautifully. Also, it creates this analogy of searching for a home and doing so, knowing that one’s home is within oneself.”

Almost Home, Poems by Madison Kuhn, book cover depicting a black and white blurry scene of a women before a window.

Nineteen By Makenzie Campbell

“Nineteen is written in sections, and those sections are places, such as the car, the shower, the coffee shop, etc., and the poems within these sections are written from the mindset, memory, and life within those locations. It is such a beautiful journey through life and how locations can hold so much meaning and memory for us.”

Nineteen by Makenzie Campbell, book cover depicting a basic drawn flower on an all black background

She Wears Her Pain Like Diamonds (Poems) By Alfa

“This book shows strength in struggle. It illustrates the strength it takes to live a normal day-to-day life when one’s past is plagued with pain, hardship, and trauma. It is a very empowering book that provides comfort and companionship for those struggling with their past in daily life.”

She Wears Pain Like Diamonds by ALFA, book cover depicting red flower petals on a black background

2 AM Thoughts By Makenzie Campbell

“This book highlights the tale of love, including each of the phases: love, heartbreak, and healing afterward. I think this book very clearly captures the feelings so many feel and provides company, comfort, and validation of those feelings.”

2 AM Thoughts by Makenzie Campbell, black background with basic drawing of a lightbulb hanging from a string

Soft Thorns By Bridgett Devoue

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains mention of traumatic experiences; please take self-care precautions before reading.

“This is a book of poems outlining the author’s experience with love, loss, and sexual trauma and her journey of healing. It is very inspiring, helpful, and comforting for anyone who has experienced similar things in life.”

Soft Thorns by Bridgett Devoue, book cover depicting a drawing of a hand holding a pink rose on a black background.

Krysten knows how to pick poetry that illuminates all facets of life, from the happiest to the most traumatic, giving us a glimpse into what it means to be human. I know I’ve added these beauties to my TBR, so be sure to grab them for yourself from our Bookstr Recommendations bookshelf on Bookshop.

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