5 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow If You’re a Writer

Looking for more social media accounts to follow to home your writing chops? We’ve curated five of the best, so read on and run to Instagram to follow.

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five profile picks of writing advice pages on instagram with a pen and pencil

Writing is a life endeavor. One that requires nurturing, continuous knowledge consumption, a carrot-dangling bit of motivation, and insurmountable support. We might be sitting at our desks writing alone, but those on the social media accounts are a part of rooting for our success. If you’re not already one of the 10s-100s of thousands of writers following the below Instagram writing advice pages, I implore you to run, don’t walk, that visually stunning social media platform and hit follow on each of the five listed.

School of Plot @schoolofplot

Wondering if you should follow? This page’s follower count speaks for itself: 267K! Published writers follow this page and interact; they need advice, too, and School of Plot is here to help. Get advice on character development, writing prompts, world-building, and so much more! Also, the relatable memes are worth the follow alone. We’ve all been there!

The Writer’s Sanctuary @thewriterssanctuary

Need a writing prompt? Perhaps you need to learn new strategies to brainstorm or handle writer’s block. The Writer’s Sanctuary, hosted by Mary Weber and C.J. Redwine, has over 29K followers! Whether you want to go the trade publishing or go the indie route, this page has advice and resources that will make the process easier to understand. Their writing tips and tricks are top-notch based on genre, trope, or just general writing.

November Brown @writesofnovember

November J. Brown is here with weekly motivation and advice for the everyday writer and procrastinator. Her 40.3K followers follow along for ideas about how to write, how to create a social media platform, and even feedback posts to brainstorm ideas with the rest of the group.

The Quill and Ink Society @thequillandinksociety

“Welcome to the Quill and Ink Society, where the architects of words build their castles from books.” If that intro to their page isn’t enough of a reason to follow this page, maybe the 87.2K others who seek advice and resources will. The Quill and Ink Society is dedicated to sharing writing tips, tricks, and resources for all writing styles and genres, so there is no need to fear following along and only seeing information about one or two.

Tips for Writers @tips.for.writers

A good indication that you should follow Tips for Writers is that several of the above-mentioned pages also follow it. This page is dedicated to helping motivate writers and give the best advice possible for every type of wordsmith. Bonus: You’re going to get real advice from prolific authors like Terry Pratchett and Suzanne Collins!

There are never too many writer groups to follow; we all need a bit of help and advice from time to time. What better way than from the comfort of our phones and computers that connect us across the world?

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