Colorful, Cool, and Cozy Reads For The Autumnal Equinox

This week’s Three To Read welcomes the autumnal equinox with three essential new releases to have on your fall reading radar. Stay cozy!

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Change is upon us this week as the Autumnal Equinox arrives on Thursday, September 22nd. This astronomical event was heralded by the recent Harvest Moon, which marvelously painted skies worldwide. With the official arrival of fall, the hallmark signs of seasonal change will begin in full force: colorful leaves, cooler winds, and longer nights. For us readers, it’s a great time to cozy up with a book or two and coast into winter, too preoccupied with escaping into the pages of many an immersive tale. Happy reading!

Hot Pick


by R.F. Kuang

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Traduttore, traditore: an act of translation is always an act of betrayal. This standalone fantasy novel makes Oxford University its backdrop for a sprawling tale about a group of students amidst a magical war. The center of the action is young Robin Swift, who loses his family to cholera, and is soon transplanted from China to an alternate England, circa 1828. Therein, he begins a rigorous academic journey in hopes of one day joining the Royal Institute of Translation, other known as Babel.


Babel is the talk of the town this fall season, putting a mesmerizing spin on dark academia. An alternate history novel with fantasy elements, this ambitious work by the bestselling author of The Poppy War trilogy is making a splash on both BookTok and Bookstagram. The author draws from her experiences at both Oxford and Cambridge and her work as a translator to explore the truly magical topic of language in one unforgettable and immersive story.

Coffee Shop Read

Bliss Montage

by Ling Ma

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Stretching the line between fantasy and reality, between the outlandish and the ordinary, Ling Ma’s newest release, a collection of 8 wildly unique short stories, is sure to dazzle (and perhaps unnerve) you. The collection tackles a slew of themes, ranging from love and loneliness to motherhood, friendship, and one’s conception of home.


Perfect to peruse at a coffee shop over a nice hot beverage of your choice; Bliss Montage is composed of weird and wonderful snapshots. Succeeding her prophetic debut, Severance, Ma’s literary voice proves to be a moving invocation of modern-day frustrations and fears. If you’re looking for an expert display of creativity, this new release is sure to impress.

Dark Horse

The Family Izquierdo

by Ruben Degollado

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The Izquierdo’s are plagued by life-altering misfortunes: a dying patriarch, a failing marriage, a daughter haunted by hallucinatory nightmares. Amidst all their sprawling hardships, the eldest son, Gonzalo, digs up a strange object in the backyard of the family abode. The Izquierdo’s take it as a sign that they were cursed by their jealous neighbor. This sets forth a tale locked between the troubling present and an uncertain future, which resonates with the unwavering strength of family.


Author of Throw, Ruben Degollado’s new family saga brilliantly weaves together vignettes to tell a comprehensive story spanning three generations. Crafted with warmth and humor, the Izquierdo’s dynamic journey of misfortune and love speaks to the heart and sets each reader a place at the family table.

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