7 Fan Fictions To Appreciate Draco Malfoy With

June 5th is Draco Malfoy’s birthday! As a way to show my love for him, here’s 7 fan fictions to read to deepen your appreciation of Draco Malfoy!

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One of my guilty pleasures (which has been previously exposed on this website here) is reading fan fiction. Guilty may be the wrong word, but it’s the one that I’m going with. I don’t have a favorite fan fiction site (though I probably should), so I bounce between the main ones (Ao3, Fanfiction.net, Wattpad, Tumblr, etc.) And in celebration of Mr. Draco Malfoy’s birthday, I’m going to suggest seven Draco Malfoy fics to read on Wattpad!

We all know that Draco didn’t get the redemption arc that he deserved, but don’t worry these authors have our back. And just as a preface, we aren’t here to make fun of these creators because they’re really doing the work of the gods and they deserve to be celebrated just as much as their works do. I’ve picked a wide variety of fics for you to enjoy (hopefully), so let’s get into it! (Every fic that is presented here is completed and free for you to enjoy! Just leave a like and a few comments to make the author’s day)


draco malfoy, fan fictions, wattpad,
cr. BarneysCrew on Wattpad

Lazuli was completed in 2013 by BarneysCrew on Wattpad. It has well over six million reads on the site and features thirty-six gripping chapters for readers to enjoy. Lazuli follows Juliet Weasley as she’s sorted into Slytherin and promptly disowned by the Weasley family! She swore that she would avenge herself by being better than them at literally everything. So, in her fifth year at Hogwarts, she has all the acclaim she wished for. But the one nagging thing she can’t get rid of? Notorious bad boy Draco Malfoy and the secret relationship the two of them form, but also the secrets she’s keeping from Malfoy too… “Juliet’s dancing on thin ice, and with the smallest crack, her world could come tumbling down.”

Don’t worry though, Lazuli is the first in a trilogy! It’s followed by Emerald and Sapphire!

under the willow tree

draco malfoy, fan fictions, wattpad,
cr. lizzature on Wattpad

under the willow tree \ draco malfoy by lizzature on Wattpad was completed just last year! It’s a soulmate alternate universe where our main characters, Lorelei, and Draco are destined to be together. Fate is a funny thing, isn’t it? under the willow tree is seventy-two chapters of Draco and Lorelei denying the inevitable. Of course, it starts off with jerk!Draco, but it’s okay because he softens with the realization that he does love Lorelei, his Hufflepuff soulmate. (And can I get a whoop whoop for Hufflepuff supremacy?)

And if you just can’t get enough of Lorelei and Draco, there’s currently a sequel underway!


draco malfoy, fan fictions, wattpad,
cr. Seselina on Wattpad

Potter? || Draco Malfoy x Reader by Seselina on Wattpad is completed and has over twenty-five million reads. It has 157 chapters… that’s quite a few. However, it’s also a reader-insert fan fiction (which isn’t everyone’s cuppa, so just be prepared for that). Potter? kicks off from book three (Prisoner of Azkaban) and progresses from there. Harry Potter has a sister, much to the surprise of everyone else. I can’t stress enough how much I love the forbidden romance trope, but here it’s coupled with a slow burn and enemies to lovers? I’m ready to jump into the deep end with this one.

Wish Upon a Star

draco malfoy, fan fictions, wattpad,
cr. Emekasign on Wattpad
art: @samuikai_tayumi

Wish Upon a Star by Emekasign on Wattpad was completed during the year of hell, 2020. Emekasign wrote in her foreword of Wish Upon a Star stating, “…this will kind of focus more on the adventure side than romance.” Which I personally feel like, for the content she was writing, fits better than a romance would, even though that’s what we all want to experience. Wish Upon a Star is about a Potterhead who gets sucked into her favorite book series, and then gets to live all the adventures she’s dreamed of! How can you say no to that? And the best part? There’s a part two, which you can read here!!

99 ways to say I love you

draco malfoy, fan fictions, wattpad,
cr. lottiebagley on Wattpad

99 ways to say I love you – Draco Malfoy by lottiebagley was completed in March of 2021. It’s once again set from the character’s third year at Hogwarts all the way to post-war living. “Draco and Emily say ‘I love you’ 99 times before they ever really say it.” Does more need to be said? I mean, look at the material? You can bet your bottom dollar that this is a slow burn fic and that by the end of it your phone will have about three (or thirty) new cracks because you’ve been throwing it about your room!


draco malfoy, fan fictions, wattpad,
cr. dracomalfoyxoxo71 on Wattpad

Enemies | dm by dracomalfoyxoxo71 on Wattpad has over ninety parts for readers to devour within seven hours. Enemies has over five million reads and it’s obvious to see why. It’s very clearly stated that this is an enemies-to-lovers story between Lucinda Blackwood and Draco Malfoy. What’s better than an enemies-to-lovers story? Crickets? No answers? That’s what I thought. “…suddenly, they can’t seem to stay away from each other, wondering if that’s a good or bad thing.” I can’t, y’all this is the perfect example of a fic that I would read based solely on the description (because we all know I judge books by their covers as evidenced here)!

Potter’s Sister

draco malfoy, fan fictions, wattpad,
cr. MMalfoy17 on Wattpad
art: @Paolo_Malfoy_Potter

And for my final suggestion on this celebratory day I present, Potter’s Sister by MMalfoy17 on Wattpad! Does this have the same kind of premise as Potter? yes, it does, but it also has a twist that the former doesn’t! Potter’s Sister features River Potter as she was taken from Godric’s Hollow by Snape and sent off to live with the Zabini family. She’s never accepted her Potter bloodline, but what will happen when she goes to Hogwarts and meets her brother? There are seventy-seven chapters for readers to live through here and MMalfoy17 takes their readers through year one to year six and on! I can’t stress enough how much I love stories like this. The intrigue. The suspense. I’m hooked.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for us today! I sure hope that you take the time to read whichever of these fics has piqued your interests! But let’s be real, maybe these weren’t for you, well then I’ve got five other Harry Potter fan fiction recommendations right here! I think that this is a great way to celebrate Draco’s birthday, I’m just keeping an eye out for what Tom Felton is going to be doing!

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