5 Fan Fiction Works From The Amazing Wizarding World

Some talented individuals have taken their appreciation for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter a step further! Take a look at these five fan fiction works from Ao3.

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You can probably guess what this is. I’m one of the writer’s here that frequently demolishes her search history for the entertainment of the masses. If you’re wondering the most recent killer is, then let me tell you. It’s Harry Potter fan fiction! Join me as we marvel (and occasionally gape) at the talent of these amazing creators! Let’s get into some of the Ao3 fic works that I chose today!

It’s should be no surprise to anyone that fan fiction is as popular as it is today. There’s just something about being able to continue the stories that we love so much in our own form. As a fellow fan fiction reader (and writer), I understand the want to read a wide variety of pairings, and topics, and tropes, the whole kit and caboodle really. The following fics have the top hits on the site Archive of Our Own, a popular site for people to post their own works.

All the Young Dudes by MsKingBean89

All the Young Dudes is based in the Marauders’ Era of the Wizarding World. It also is on the top of our list today with 6.9 million hits! It took MsKingBean89 over a year to finish the 188 chapter fic. There’s also twenty-four translations of Young Dudes available on the site. Also, Young Dudes has it’s own Goodreads page? Probably because it’s over 520k words!

Young Dudes is a “LONG fic charting the Marauders’ time at Hogwards (and beyond).” The story is told from Remus Lupin’s point of view and relatively canon compliant, with just a few discrepancies mentioned. It takes place during the years of 1971 through 1993, so the big three (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) aren’t involved. Speaking of involved though, MsKingBean89 (like many others) ship the Remus and Sirius Black, so they’re giving it to us in spades! But if you’re wanting to experience the Marauders’ Era through the eyes of Remus Lupin and see him involved with Padfoot himself, be sure to give All the Young Dudes a read.

You were my little bit of magic.

MsKingBean89, All the Young Dudes

survival is a talent, ShanaStoryteller

Fan Art by Tumblr user sometinybees, features Harry and Draco kissing in front of their friends.

Caption: "'That's not -- nmf,' he gets cut off by Harry's lips on his, his boyfriend grabbing him around the waist and dipping him like he's one of the damsels on cover of those books Blaise pretends he doesn't read.
'Get a room!' Quinn shouts"

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cr. Tumblr / sometinybees

Onto the next fic! survival is a talent by ShanaStoryteller is right in the thick of the Wizarding World we’re the most familiar with. While it’s not at the top of our overall Harry Potter fan fiction Ao3 list, it is at the top of the Drarry fan fiction list! survival is a soulmate alternate universe fic that features Harry and Draco. Shana first started writing survival in 2017 and is still updating the fic today (latest update was May 10)! It’s already 29 chapters and around 456k words, and personally I can’t wait to see what Shana does with the story!

survival is a talent begins during the dueling scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and runs parallel to the canon. Though, Shana herself says “canon? i don’t know her,” many fans of the fic feel that expands on the original ideas of the novels while sometimes changing elements as well. It features an Indian Harry Potter and Black Hermione Granger and we get to see more of the background characters from the original works. If you’ve got a hankering for a secret relationship, a slow burn, and a loosely-based soulmate fic, then survival is a talent is for you!

“DRACO!” he shouts. “Not that kind of blowing up! Like – a balloon. She floated away!”
He stares at Harry for a long moment, then slumps against what looks like an entire wall of pickled carrots. “Why didn’t you say that? Who cares! Good riddance. From what you told me, she deserved it.”

ShanaStoryteller, survival is a talent

Bring Him to His Knees, Musyc

Cover art for "Bring Him to His Knees" by Musyc on Ao3. 

cr. Tumblr user jaxx-in-a-box

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cr. Tumblr / jaxx-in-a-box

Bring Him to His Knees by Musyc on Ao3, can you guess what this might be about? Did you say murder mystery with steam out the whazoo? No? Well, you should’ve! Get your head out of the gutter (though don’t be surprised when those more explicit scenes pop up. Bring Him to His Knees is 31 chapters long, and has over one million hits on Archive of Our Own! And bonus points because it’s completed as of last year!

Harry and Draco are Auror’s investigating a serial killer currently plaguing the Wizarding World. At every murder site, there’s a necklace bearing a pendant that is eerily similar to an exclusive club. Exclusive enough that when Harry orders Draco to dig into the goings-on of the club, he isn’t allowed in without a partner. Luckily enough for Draco, Hermione is gracious enough to volunteer for the role, and then commence operation don’t let each other know that you’re in love with each other. This is a prime example fan fiction, when an author takes the original characters and transposes them into a completely different situation to create a reality all their own.

You brought me to my knees, Hermione. You have everything. Heart, body, soul: I belong to you. As long as you want me, I’m yours.

Musyc, Bring Him to His Knees

Okay, at this point I want to offer you another side of the fan fiction dice. Sometimes, we do crossovers which at times will evoke strange emotions. I have to admit that I laughed whenever I first read the pairings for the last two, but these are talented individuals who put their time and effort into these fics and I can’t help but admire their abilites.

Of Wizards and Heroes, storyforsomeone

Cover for "Of Wizards and Heroes" by storyforsomeone on Ao3

cr. Goodreads / littlelightinourheart

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cr. Goodreads / littlelightsinourheart

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Harry Potter were to somehow cross into the universe of superheroes? Well, you don’t have to anymore! Of Wizards and Heroes by storyforsomeone on Ao3 has fulfilled wishes you didn’t even know you possessed. This 22 chapter fic has over 522k hits on Archive of Our Own and has been completed since 2016. It is clarified by L (the author) in an author’s note that because the fic was written in 2015, it does not adhere to any canon films made after that time, including the Infinity Saga. That being said, did we really expect it to adhere to anything?

Of Wizards and Heroes is set centuries after the Battle of Hogwarts. As a consequence, Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, has faded into a distant legend. Harry wonders the world “alone and immortal, until one single reckless moment sends him hurtling into a parallel dimension of heroes and villains.” Now in a world full of something called the ‘Avengers,’ Harry has to protect the muggles from an ancient power on the rise. The pairing is Loki and Harry, but I couldn’t tell you how that occurs. I guess you’ll just have to check it out yourself. *wink wonk*

“I am a God.” He retorted sharply, the change in tone jarring. “Immortal, and all-powerful. Do not insult me so.”
Harry blinked. “Right. Dragons and magic and mermaids, why not Gods? I suppose you’re also best mates with Zeus and Hercules then?”
“Don’t be ridiculous. Zeus is a terrible conversationalist.”

storyforsomeone, Of Wizards and Heroes

Walking Dead Wizard, DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan

Cover of Facebook group "DebsTheSlytherinSnapFanStories"

cr. Facebook user DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan

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cr. Facebook / DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan

I couldn’t find a cover art for this one, but this is the cover of Deb’s Facebook group for her stories! Walking Dead Wizard by DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan on Ao3 ticked boxes that I didn’t know were available for ticking. Deb started writing this one in 2016 and is still updating it today (latest update May 11)! It has 116 chapters and over 276k hits on Archive of Our Own. It has a pairing that I wouldn’t of expected and I don’t really know how it came about either.

Walking Dead Wizard is obviously a crossover of The Walking Dead universe and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. From what I can tell, it’s set firmly in TWD but still has the terminology and magical element of the Wizarding World. Within the pages of this fic, readers get to battle through the zombie apocalypse with the help of Harry Potter’s magic. Truly, I can’t tell you what to expect other than eventually readers experience a Daryl Dixon and Harry Potter pairing.

“And what does bein’ brave have to do with the fact you have survived this far?” Daryl queried doubt coating his voice.
“Absolutely f*ck all; it’s more of a comfort to her than anything else.” Harry replied with a shrug.

DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan, Walking Dead Wizard

I sure do hope that you enjoyed looking at some of these Harry Potter fan fiction works from Archive of Our Own with me! If these weren’t piquing your interest, there’s a whopping 373,133 fics on Ao3! (And that’s just on Ao3! Think of all the other fan fiction sites.) Remember that literature comes in all forms and clearly fans cannot be stopped. Really, anyone with access to an internet connection can be a fan fiction author and extend any storyline that they want to!

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