6 Bookish Etsy Shops To Check Out Just Because

Calling all book lovers! Treat yourself to some bookish goodies from these 6 charming small businesses. Why? Just because!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m all for the universal rationalization phrase: just because! No need to explain yourself when going on a book-buying binge or kicking your feet up and doing some online shopping. Life’s too short! I think all one needs to do is shrug one’s shoulders and say, “just because.”

To encourage fueling an indulgent, book-savvy lifestyle each and every day, here are some lovely Etsy shops that cater to bookish interests. From candles and pins to book nooks and t-shirts, I hope you stumble across something that brings you joy! And if you don’t treat yourself today, know to prioritize yourself some time in the future.

1. Smells Like Books Candle Co.

I don’t know about you, but books and candles are two of my greatest weaknesses. Combine the two, and I just can’t help myself! One of the most extensive collections of bookish candles I’ve stumbled across (during my out-of-control Etsy shopping) is from Smells Like Books Candle Co. This Star Seller, based out of North Carolina, has a dreamy scent for every book lover. Just a small assortment of their themed offerings include “Night Court,” “Walden Woods,” “Mr.Darcy,” and “The Shire.” Best yet, all of their candles are reasonably priced at $9!

2. Blissfully Bookish

There’s plenty of bookish merch to peruse on Etsy, but this shop’s apparel is top-notch. For instance, look at the enemies to lovers tee featured above! Ah! Did I mention they offer free shipping? This Florida-based shop is an absolute must to check out for unique and charming bookish tees. Their book-inspired t-shirt designs run the gamut from retro to contemporary, highlighting reads such as A Darker Shade of Magic, Crescent City, Caraval, and Six of Crows.

3. Dreamlandmy

Are you dreaming of elevating your bookshelf? Check out the range of DIY book nooks by Etsy seller, Dreamlandmy. With plenty of options to match your preferred aesthetic, these book nooks ship for free and will surely add a rewarding, personal touch to your bookshelf. Though book nooks can be notoriously pricey, these detailed wooden beauties fall in the price range of $40-$80. With easy, step-by-step instructions, the DIY component is perfect for curating your ultimate self-care night that pays off with a lovely bookish creation!

4. Crisp Pages & Co.

This bookish shop’s slogan is “treat yourself,” making them a perfect business to highlight for Just Because Day! Crisp Pages & Co is your go-to for unique and thoughtful bookish gifts. They offer adorable enamel pins, stickers, and these beautiful “blind date with a book” care packages. Just choose your preferred reader age category (middle grade, young adult, adult) and input some of your favorite book themes, genres, fandoms, etc. Then, a one-of-a-kind book set with lots of extra goodies will be curated just for you!

5. Onesundaystory

With fall right around the corner, this bookish shop specializing in “classical art and dark academia clothing” is a dream come true. Based out of LA, this shop’s line of tees is sophisticated and stylish. And, by a glance at their stellar reviews, they are ultra-cozy by design. I mean, who doesn’t need a new oversized sweatshirt or two to keep you warm and content during the fall reading season?

6. Green Pact Alchemy

Rounding out this list is Green Pact Alchemy, an online store that specializes in book-themed bath and body products – all handmade from NYC. From personalized mystery book boxes to room sprays, soaps, and body butter, this shop has it all. They’re especially on brand for all the fantasy book lovers and DnD players. Treat yourself to some truly magical bookish goodies just because it’s fun (and it’s always great to support small businesses).

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