10 Bookish Luxuries That Are Worth The Money

Need an excuse to treat yourself? You’re in luck! We found ten goodies that will elevate your bookish lifestyle.

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True bookworms know that appearances aren’t everything when it comes to books. They can appreciate a book for its contents, not just how nice it looks on a shelf. At the same time, they are in the best position to enjoy some of the finer things in life—quality bookmarks, custom book jackets, illustrated clothbound editions. If you have yet to experience such luxuries, and if you have the means to afford them, read on for some meaningful ways to give your bookish lifestyle an upgrade.

Custom book embosser ($34.50)

Close-up of embossed stamp on book: includes flowers growing out of open book with the words, "From the library of Rebecca Watson"
Image via PickledStamps on Etsy

Here is one of the simplest and most elegant ways to really make a book your own. With this embosser, you can plant a beautiful illustration with your name in your books without actually writing on the pages. If you’d rather use a stamp, you can choose one for the lower price of $23.00 (wood stamper) or $26.50 (self-inking stamp).

Book-style Kindle cover ($32.81-$38.28)

Vintage book-style Kindle covers
Image via KleverCase on Etsy

This cover allows you to experience the best of both worlds: a portable library combined with the feeling of having an actual book in your hands. It’s not just for Kindle users, either—it works for Nooks, Kobos, and any other e-reader or tablet that fits the dimensions.

Nerdy Ink dust jackets ($35.00-$39.00)

Illustrated Tolkien book jackets by Nerdy Ink
Image via Nerdy Ink

These dust jackets are an easy and stylish way to revamp your favorite book series collections. So far, there are ones available for Harry Potter, Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Lord of the Rings, and Red Rising.

Handmade animal book page holders ($10.00)

Animal-shaped page holders
Image via MadWitchWares on Etsy

Sure, you can hold down pages with whatever’s lying around the house, but why do that when you can use cute animal shapes instead? With their $10 price point, even bookworms with little to spend can splurge a bit and wear these reading companions on their thumbs.

Glass grape bookmark ($37.00)

Glass bead silver chain bookmark with grape charm
Image via JudyNolting on Etsy

This bookmark must be handled with care, but with how beautiful it is, why wouldn’t you handle it carefully? For a book, this is the equivalent of wearing fine jewelry.

Mouse bookmark ($28.56)

Mouse figurine sitting on book
Image via CozyMilArt on Etsy

It’s hard to imagine bookmarks get much cuter than this. Some people might relate to the mouse being too busy with reading to notice its tail is trapped in a book. One reviewer even gave theirs the name Fitzwilliam… Just food for thought.

Cushioned book stand ($119.00)

Cushioned book stand
Image via Oneyartworkshop on Etsy

With a book stand like this, you really are paying for the superior quality. This one has cushions on the bottom for resting on your lap, five different angle adjustments, and a storage area inside to store writing utensils and the like. Apparently, it also comes with extras…?

Platform Nine and Three-Quarters bookends ($98.86)

Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 bookends
Image via Amazon

For Harry Potter fans, do I even need to explain the appeal of this? These bookends are like having an actual slice of the Wizarding World on your shelf. And they’re not just for show—according to reviewers, they are perfectly sturdy for all your book display needs.

Petrified wood bookends ($30.00 – $615.00)

Petrified wood bookends
Image via DBarEStudio on Etsy

These bookends aren’t for everyone, only because they’re so unique. No pair of these is quite the same as the last, so if you’re set on the ones shown above, you’d better act fast. They’re way more interesting than regular wooden bookends, that’s for sure.

Books by The Folio Society ($34.95-$1,500)

If you just want to buy more books, consider buying a high-quality edition of your favorite from The Folio Society. Each of their books consists of top-notch binding and paper, protective slipcases, and artist-commissioned illustrations (or photographs for non-fiction). For someone interested in getting into the higher end of book collecting, this is a great place to start.

We hope you found something you like on this list, or at least inspiration for ways to celebrate this day. As a reminder, you deserve a treat every once in a while, so treat yourself!

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