4 Swoony LGBTQ Summer of Love Releases in June

June is full of new releases that celebrate Pride Month. Here are four brand new book recommendations that are sure to make you giddy and happy reading queer romances.

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Three book covers displayed on a beach background with two lounge chairs. From left to right, Wish You Weren't Here by Erin Baldwin, Hot Summer by Elle Everhart, and Triple Sec by T.J. Alexander. Rainbow hearts at the bottom of the page.

June is full of exciting and highly anticipated releases featuring authors like Devney Perry, Ali Hazelwood, Brynne Weaver, Katherine Center, and more. It is also the time to celebrate Pride Month and recognize all the diverse authors and books the romance genre has to offer this month in recognition of pride. As the summer begins, take a look at these romance books that honor and celebrate pride month while also making you want to kick your feet in the air and have all the giddy feelings. The sun is out which means it is the time of year to tan, so take a book with you to the beach and read to your heart’s content. Here are four books released in June that will give you a summer filled with love.

Triple Sec by T.J. Alexander

In a New York cocktail bar known for its romantic atmosphere and Instagram-worthy drinks, this story follows a polyamorous relationship set in the exclusive world of cocktail bars, sure to woo its audience with its rom-com approach. Mel is a bartender at this high-end cocktail bar in New York who has lost all hope for love, but her mind shifts when she meets Bebe, who turns out to be married to Kade. Bebe and Kade are in an open marriage, and Bebe is not afraid to express her interest in Mel and take her on a date. Their relationship flourishes quickly, and Mel soon begins to believe that she can turn her dreams of opening her own bar into reality. Still, as everything seems to be moving fast, Mel and Kade spark up a romance of their own, leading the three of them to navigate every connection they have with each other individually before coming together completely. Triple Sec explores the different ways love can be explored and proves to society that love can be more expansive than ever talked about.

Book cover for "Triple Sec" by T.J. Alexander featuring a turquoise background with palm tree leaves on the sides and three hands reaching for a cute cocktail drink.

Triple Sec navigates how a polyamorous relationship might work and gives context to people who may not already know how these relationships work. As polyamory is not talked about as much today, this book is a great way to get introduced to the trope and become familiar with why other people might choose to be in a polyamorous relationship. It might not be for everybody, but it still deserves the recognition and respect different forms of relationships receive. Triple Sec is funny, quirky, and emotional as Mel, Bebe, and Kade learn more about themselves and build a great love story together. A light-hearted quick read that is perfect for a beach trip and sure to make you giggle out loud. Triple Sec was released on June 4, 2024.

Wish You Weren’t Here by Erin Baldwin

Fans of the enemies-to-lovers or frenemies-to-lovers trope will want to read this debut novel by Erin Baldwin. Juliette and Priya do not get along; they have a truce allowing them to co-exist in this small town they live in, but emotions become heightened when their summer plans align at a summer sleepaway camp. Forced proximity is another trope featured in this book when Juliette and Priya are assigned as cabinmates at Fogridge Sleepaway Camp, a place Juliette was dreaming about going to so she could get away from Priya; unfortunately for her, that does not seem to happen.

Book cover for "Wish You Weren't Here" by Erin Baldwin featuring two women. One woman is dressed in an all-white business suit while the other is dressed in leggings and a t-shirt. Both women look angry at each other with a forest background detailing summer camp.

Wish You Weren’t Here is a love letter to summer camp created for everyone who ever went away to a summer camp to reminisce about their old memories. As much as romance was a theme in this book, it was not at the forefront of the book, which people will enjoy. Juliette and Priya’s relationship is rocky, but the pace of their relationship and how it developed over time through forced proximity will have readers at the edge of their seats. They become friends before their romantic feelings are brought to the surface, but that is what makes this YA novel enjoyable. Wish You Weren’t Here takes place during summer, making it the perfect read to bring with you outside in your backyard or front yard to read peacefully and soak up the beautiful romance and friendship. Wish You Weren’t Here was released on June 4, 2024.

Director’s Cut by Carlyn Greenwald

Val was an award-winning actress, but as roles slowed down, she needed to look at other viable career options. Directing did not seem to work out in the way she hoped at first, leaving her to decide on whether she should leave Hollywood altogether. Val gets a job as a guest professor at USC, where she meets her co-professor, Maeve, who is not Val’s biggest fan. Maeve and Val have a difficult time navigating professorship together, it is no secret that Maeve carries contempt towards Val. As Val struggles to prove herself to Maeve, sparks begin to fly between the two of them, and they begin a relationship. With Hollywood still in Val’s rearview mirror, she must decide whether she wants to leave her dreams behind or Maeve.

Book cover of "Director's Cut" by Carlyn Greenwald featuring two elegantly dressed women standing in front of a backdrop with palm trees and a building at dusk.

A rivals-to-lovers romance that involves a celebrity seems like a great read to add to the list for June. Readers get a sense of their budding relationship early in the book, but the more time they spend together, the more Val and Maeve realize there might be something there. The bond they form happens quickly, but it is just as effective because you can see how much they care about each other in such a short period of time. They help each other grow as individuals while they are together, challenging each other to be a better version of themselves, they can balance each other out which is what makes them a great pairing. Director’s Cut was released on June 11, 2024.

Hot Summer by Elle Everhart

This summer, jump into the reality TV dating world with Hot Summer and join Cas as she discovers how to listen to her heart and move away from strategy. Cas was handpicked to be a contestant in her favorite dating show, where sexy singles mingle on an exotic island. She is there for work, if she does well and places in the finals then she will be in the running for a new promotion. Cas was not expecting to find Ada while she was there, let alone develop deep feelings for her, which made it even more difficult to focus on the prize at stake.

Cover of the novel "Hot Summer" by Elle Everhart. Two women relax on a pool float, while a man and woman swim in the background. The scene is framed by a heart-shaped pool entrance.

If you are a fan of dating shows like Love Island, Too Hot to Handle, or The Perfect Match, then this book might interest you. There is drama at the center of all that is reality TV, and Hot Summer is no exception, especially when there are a lot of singles vying for the attention of the country and each other. Dive into the world of reality TV romance and witness the steamy but romantic queer love develop between Cas and Ada. It is a perfect book to take with you to the pool and read while you tan when it becomes available to the public on June 27, 2024.

Kick off the start of summer and Pride Month by reading books featured in summer that celebrate diverse voices with representation. June is full of love and fun, you are sure to find joy in any of the four books above.

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