3 Regal Historical Romances To Swoon Over This Summer

This week’s Three to Read takes a royal spin, highlighting some lavish and swoon worthy love affairs of page (and screen) to kick off the summer!

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Looking for some steamy summer reads? This week’s Three to Read has got you covered. Our line-up of new romance releases is perfect for “Bridgerton” fans looking to discover more epic loves in period-piece novels. From the trending Queen Charlotte companion book to a dazzling Gilded Age tale to a sapphic love affair, one of these picks will surely capture your heart and fuel your historical romance obsession.

Hot Pick

Queen Charlotte

by Julia Quinn and Shonda Rhimes



It’s September 1761. A young King and Queen meet for the first time—just hours before they stand at the altar and say, “I do.” Born a German Princess, the headstrong Charlotte is now the Queen of England. Further, she has been given the power to remake high society. As she struggles to gain her footing as a royal and understand her somewhat elusive spouse, an unforgettable love story of loyalty, strength, and trust unfolds.


Still reeling over George’s “my heart calls your name” speech? I hear you! Fall in love with this riveting royal romance once more with the highly-rated companion novel by author Julia Quinn and Bridgerton producer Shonda Rhimes. Not only does this book answer some burning questions left unanswered in the TV series, but it provides a deeper insight into the internal, emotional journeys of Charlotte and George.

Coffee Shop Read

The Duchess Takes a Husband

by Harper St. George



Camille, the Duchess of Hereford, despite her high rank, remains a social pariah. A rebellious widow with an interest in the growing suffrage movement, her American ways, so to speak, tend to leave her omitted from most guest lists. However, when she crosses paths with Jacob Thorne, owner of the infamous Montague Club, she decides to strike a sultry bargain. Expressly, the Duchess offers him a fake engagement with her if he can make her happy in bed (wink, wink).


The newest addition to Harper St. George’s Gilded Age Heiresses series is an irresistibly spicy tale featuring a strong female lead. The unlikely pairing of a London rogue and an outcast Duchess leads to a lavish spin on the “fake relationship” romance trope. Camille’s pursuit of pleasure after an oppressive arranged first marriage correlates well with her ties to the feminist movement. Both of which make her an unforgettable and progressive protagonist.

Dark Horse

The Disenchantment

by Celia Bell



All of the noblemen and women have something to hide. For Baroness Marie Catherine, it is the pleasures she seeks outside of an unhappy marriage. When her husband is around, Marie is a picture of domesticity and motherhood. When he’s away, she leads a much more liberated, intellectually-rich existence. At the center of her glimpses of freedom is the fearless Victoire Rose de Bourbon, Mademoiselle de Conti, who becomes her lover.


Set in 17th-century Paris, this debut novel stuns with both romance and thriller elements. The love affair of Marie and Victoire floats between an unexpected murder which swiftly reveals the surprising, dark, and dangerous underbelly of Paris and Versailles. Crime, passion, deception, and black magic all intertwine in this captivating, atmospheric story of two noblewomen, sure to leave you breathless.

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