3 Author-Narrated Audiobooks For Summer Escapism and Empowerment

Kick back, have a laugh, and pat yourself on the back. These three trending author-narrated audiobooks are perfect for your summer reading rotation.

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If you haven’t tested the audiobook waters just yet, the summer is a perfect time to do so. Whether you’re taking a summer stroll, lounging by the pool, or traveling, an audiobook in your ear can keep you feeling empowered while out and about. In honor of Audiobook Appreciation Month, Bookstr is bringing you three new cheerful and comedic reads brought to life by captivating and charismatic voices. Sometimes the best way to truly get a feel of an author’s work is the hear them read their own book aloud! Not only does it give you a more authentic insight into the story, but it takes the author/reader connection to a whole other level.

Hot Pick

Take Your Own Advice

by Jeffrey Marsh

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Take Your Own Advice is all about encouraging readers to tap into their own intuition, trust their instincts, and find the courage to live freely and authentically. Drawing upon their years growing up genderfluid, Marsh tackles the topic of self-love with sincerity and heart. In short, this engaging self-help release is your one-stop inspirational summer read overflowing with kindness, love, and light.


Renowned LGBTQ+ activist Jeffrey Marsh has one of the most soothing voices on the Internet – making them a truly perfect audiobook narrator. If you’re needing some extra comfort and empowerment this season, Marsh’s chart-topping audiobook will surely lend a helping hand. This beautifully chronicled roadmap is a breath of fresh air and an enduring reminder of the profound power of treating oneself with the utmost compassion.

Beach Read

Quietly Hostile

by Samantha Irby

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Vulnerability meets sarcasm in this witty essay collection from comedian Samantha Irby. With sharp, introspective insights into everyday life, social norms, and the overlooked triumphs and struggles of marginalized communities, Irby gets to the heart of what it means to seek self-acceptance in a quietly hostile world.


Looking for a read that tackles the complicated theme of identity but with enough humor to not send you into an existential crisis? I feel you. Samantha Irby’s newest read addresses critical topics such as sexuality, body image, and mental health with a candor that truly jumps off the page. No doubt, her audiobook narration will heal you with laughter this summer.

Dark Horse


by Steven Wright

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Externally, Harold seems to be a typical 1960s schoolboy. However, inside his mind is a labyrinth of peculiar thoughts and imaginative wanderings. Birds represent his thoughts, a moon cafe serves as his mental escape, and even renowned astronomer Carl Sagan becomes a part of his surreal experiences. Set during a single day in class, this unique read chronicles Harold’s meandering, hilarious, and thought-provoking stream of consciousness.


In his debut novel, stand-up comedian Steven Wright introduces readers to the extraordinary inner world of a seven-year-old named Harold. For a more whimsical spin on your summer reading, this absurdist novel embraces the nonsensical. Above all, Wright’s engaging comedic delivery in contemplating existence is a comfort to all who feel lost in life.

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