10 Moments of Frustration For Book Lovers

Reading books is basically an emotional rollercoaster. The feeling in your gut at the big drop during the ride is like the moments of frustration books and book culture give readers.

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The magic about books is their ability to make readers feel all sorts of emotions. The sad moments make us cry, the happy moments make us smile, and the funny moments make us laugh, but we never forget the moments of frustration we get when the book’s plot takes an unexpected turn or the characters make a stupid decision. 

Have you ever reached a part of the book you’re reading that just makes you angry? And those times make some readers either throw the book down or just scream into the book out of frustration. So here are some frustrating moments that book lovers usually experience.

1. Spoiler Alert!


The most frustrating thing to ever happen is seeing spoilers about a book you’re reading. And the sad thing is how sometimes spoilers are so unavoidable and unexpecting too. They’re everywhere as well as how people don’t warn us when they’re about to say a spoiler. Spoilers are all over the internet, but it’s even worst when your friend accidentally spoils it. Such betrayal!

2. The Miscommunication Trope

It seems like almost every book somehow includes miscommunication. And it always has readers just screaming at their book, “JUST TALK IT OUT ALREADY!” It is so frustrating if the miscommunication drags on as well and seems to keep the plot from progressing. It’s even worst if the miscommunication can be easily cleared, but characters refuse to do so.

3. When the Couple Keeps Getting Interrupted

When reading romance, you’re rooting for the couple to get together. You endured all the buildup the author has to offer you right until they’re either about to confess or have their first kiss. But somehow they keep getting interrupted and it’s just frustrating cause it prolongs their finally getting together. Like just confess or kiss already!

4. The Books Are Always Better Than the Movies


They always say, “The book is always better than the movie,” and of course, it’s true 99% of the time. It’s so infuriating and upsetting when a book you love is poorly adapted into a movie or show. And then it’s likely not accurate to the book at all. It’s like I should’ve lowered my expectations.

5. Losing Your Place in the Book

It happens pretty often when your bookmark just fall out of your book or you set it aside and the book falls causing you to lose the page you were on. Therefore, it’s pretty frustrating since now you’ve lost your spot in the book. Then you have to rely on your memory or flip through the entire book until you reach the part you last remember reading. 

6. The Book Ends With a Cliffhanger

Imagine reading a really good book, but suddenly the book has a cliffhanger once you reached the end. Then you find out it’s a part of a series so you’re excited again to read the next part only to find out the next book isn’t released yet. Now you’re a bit frustrated about being left with a cliffhanger and you won’t be able to find out what happens next for a couple of months or even worst, a year! 

7. When School and Work Interrupt Your Reading


Isn’t it the worst that school and work interrupt the most important thing ever which is reading? It’s even more maddening when you reach the climax of the story and you absolutely cannot stop reading until you finish it. Sorry but reading is a priority and school, work, and life can wait! 

8. If the Main Character Loses Their Powers in the End

In fantasy novels, it seems to be a common occurrence when the main protagonist ends up losing their power at the end. Authors will have them endure adventures and obstacles to show off how incredibly powerful they are or will be. It’s frustrating and so disappointing when this happens. Oftentimes, characters at the end of the story lose their power as some sort of big sacrifice, but I would prefer they continue being powerful if I’m going to be honest.

9. Your Friend Doesn’t Love a Book You Recommended

As my friend, you are absolutely obligated to share the same love and excitement as me about a book. This is especially for books that were specifically recommended by me. So it can be pretty frustrating when they don’t react the same way or do not like the book as much as I was hoping. Of course, this is all a joke as everyone has different opinions. But it’s a bit disheartening if my recommendations aren’t liked sometimes.

10. The Book You’ve Anticipated Reading Was Bad


Have you ever had a book that you have anticipated for the longest time because you’ve heard so many good things about it? Then when you finally read the book, it was a bit of a letdown and just wasn’t as good as you thought. It’s kind of frustrating when this happens especially after hearing so many amazing things about it.

So if you ever want to feel the thrill of riding a rollercoaster, just read a book. The frustrating parts are all part of the reading experience. And for all the times you get super angry about a book, try these stress balls here and here that look like books. Instead of damaging your book, take it out on the stress ball. Anyway, we hope your current read or your next one won’t make you too frustrated. 

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