Tech, Worldbuilding, and Audiobook-first Publishing: Bookstr Talks With Edward Savio

We at Bookstr are ecstatic to get candid with author, screenwriter, and honestly, a total entertainer, Edward Savio!

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Event poster with author Edward Savio's headshot and the cover of his latest book League of Auld

Ah! Science fiction. A lot of us who have been die-hard fans of the genre have grown up not without reading at least one novel by prodigies such as Asimov, Herbert, Wells, Bradbury, and more in their league. More recently, our sci-fi readers’ community has seen a sudden expansion as more readers have been leaning toward this captivating genre. And why not? After all, this is the kind of literature that helps cultivate in its readers a sense of wonder, it teaches us to constantly look at life like a student would, it puts us in a constant pursuit of exploration and learning. And, let’s not deny this, isn’t that feeling that your brain is expanding every time you learn something new, a different kind of a high? Well, you’ve got to thank science fiction for micro-dosing you into it!

Now, what if you could take all this wonder, and channel it into specific questions that you could ask your favorite sci-fi author? Now you can, because we’re bringing to you a Facebook Live where Bookstr Talks with author Edward Savio.

So, save your burning questions for Edward, and we’ll see you live on Facebook on Thursday, March 9th, 2023, at 2 pm EST / 11 am PST, where our host and assistant editor, Gracie Lambright, will be asking him some very interesting questions (and you’ll get to ask yours too!) about his writing process, an ebook-first approach, his latest book in the Battle For Forever series, League of Auld, and more!

About Edward Savio

Edward Savio grew up in the bucolic bedroom community of Berlin, Connecticut, and moved to Los Angeles after college. Initially working as a screenwriter, Savio became a ten-year overnight success and wrote for film production giants like Disney and Sony Pictures. Eventually, his writing journey pivoted to novels, the first of which, Idiots in the Machine, debuted in 2001. It was his ‘anti-screenplay,’ giving him the freedom to explore and develop deeper characters, multiple narratives, and play with language. He wrote Idiots with the certain belief that no one could make it into a movie. Not even him. Then, Sony Pictures optioned Idiots for the Academy Award-winning producers of Forrest Gump for 7 figures.

Image via Edward Savio

After three more six-figure deals with Sony and Disney, Savio moved to San Francisco to start a family, and after years of commuting between homes in SF and LA, he chose to shift the focus of his writing toward novels so he could spend more time with his children. Today, Savio’s Battle For Forever series has made a splash in the ebook and audiobook scene.

About Battle For Forever

Savio’s newest Battle For Forever series introduces us to the Eternals – a group of (sort-of) immortals born with a unique genetic mutation. At the center of it all, is 15-year-old Alexander, who has witnessed much of human history. 1,500 years’ worth, to be exact.

Image via Edward Savio

Alexander Grant could be great! Monumentally great. If only people would let him. But he can’t. Because they won’t. At his actual age, one would become almost masterful at an astonishingly broad spectrum of skills. Is that a blessing, really, or a hindrance in disguise? It used to be easy to slip from one life to the next, but the modern world has made that impossible. And that’s a problem. For the few hundred or so people like him. And more importantly…for most of us.

Image via Edward Savio

Join us on Thursday, March 9th at 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST on @bookstrofficial for the Facebook Live.