Bookstr Talks: Live with Author Barbara Sontheimer

Join us as we at Bookstr host a Facebook Live with debut author Barbara Sontheimer on December 8th to discuss her historical romance read “Victor’s Blessing.”

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After 15 years of dedicated research, Barbara Sontheimer’s debut novel, Victor’s Blessing, is here to break barriers in the historical romance world. Keep reading to learn more about the author and this sweeping tale of joy and heartbreak that diversifies a traditionally white-centric genre.

About Barbara Sontheimer

Image via Barbara Sontheimer

Missouri native Barbara Sontheimer is a lifelong reader turned writer whose rich historical storytelling holds supernatural undertones.

She wrote Victor’s Blessing while working a full-time job and raising her three children — a task that occasionally included hiding in the laundry room to finish a chapter! She holds a BA in Spanish and has a passion for exploring history through the lives of everyday people.

Barbara is now working on her next literary endeavor — a three-part series based on The Baleine Brides. Like Victor’s Blessing, her future novels will continue to incorporate the paranormal.

Check out her website here.

About Victor’s Blessing

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Victor’s Blessing takes a fresh perspective on the frequently stereotyped realm of Civil War fiction. Focused less on warfare and more on intricate and flawed human relationships, this heartfelt novel implores beauty, grief, love, and loss, with a supernatural twist.

The story itself spans 49 years (1839-1888), centered around the immersive small-town setting of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Therein we find our handsome young protagonist (and local blacksmith), Victor Gant, and his dream girl, Celena Riefler. Victor, the son of an Osage slave, rises to great heights after landing a patent for one of his inventions. His childhood friend, Ethan, grapples with his hostile and prejudiced family and his own suppressed emotions. The Civil War looms, casting a foreboding shadow upon the town. All of which, unite to create an authentic and enthralling historical portrait sure to tug on your heartstrings.

Join us on Thursday, December 8th, at 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST @Bookstr for the Facebook Live.