YA Serial Killers Waiting To Meet You

Do you have interest in true crime that involves serial killers? Here are some young adult books where you can meet some new fictional serial killers!

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Are you a fan of crime and young adult books? This might be the best place to get some recommendations for your TBR! Serial killer cases seem to be of great interest to crime lovers alike. There have been fictional characters inspired by real-life cases, and of course, there are non-fiction novels of true crimes. Buckle up; here are some young adult books where you can meet some new fictional serial killers!

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones book cover; an all blue cover with a charm bracelet with a single house charm dangling off it

This book is based on real-life events from Alice Sebold, which was also adapted into a film of the same name. Susie was fourteen when she was murdered in 1973. She tells the story through her perspective as she watches, invisible to everyone she loves, as they continue on with their lives. She hears the rumors being spread in the school she attended as well as her murderer trying to cover their tracks. With Susie watching from above, will her friends and family be able to seek justice for the murder that continues to torture Susie from heaven?

Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff

Paper Valentine book cover; a girl's silhouette made of paper with a red heart in the middle

Hannah Wagnor’s community is being threatened by a killer on the loose. The criminal goes after girls in her town, including her best friend, Lillian, who fell victim six months ago. Lillian’s ghost haunts Hannah in her bedroom, constantly pushing Hannah to help solve the murders of all these girls. As Hannah gives in to Lillian’s requests, she’s playing a dangerous game. Will she be able to catch the killer or fall right into their hands as well?

The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis

The Female of the Species book cover; an all yellow book with a woman and other animals on it but their names are wrong

Alex Craft is a killer with no remorse. Her sister Anna was murdered three years prior, and her killer never got to be locked behind bars. With her rage and grief, Alex goes on a rampage of violence that isolates her from old friends. As her senior year continues, Alex gets even more evil as her crimes go unpunished every time. When she runs into people from her past, will she let them live a free life or attack them for having suspicion about her?

Friends List by Rob Watson

Friends List book cover; a bloody knife stabbing into a cellphone

Friends are being killed one by one in various ways. Profile pictures turn into a murder scene of each of them. The no-name main character was promised by the killer that they would keep killing the ones they love until they’re all gone. In this mind game, the main character is breaking apart with each victim. When will the killer stop with these tricks? In this twisted book, can you figure out the method to the killer’s madness?

This Is Our Story by Ashley Elston

This Is Our Story book cover; an all blue cover with a white stag hanging on it with shadows coming over it

The River Point Boys all went into the woods one day, but only one came back. It was said to just be an accident; they were just drunk. Kate Marino, an intern at the District Attorney’s Office, finds out about the boys’ case when it hits the DA’s office. Although, for some reason, her boss wants their case to be pushed off to the side. Kate uses her better judgment and decides to look further into the case on her own to seek justice for the boys who were killed. Was that morning really just an accident, or was a killer watching from afar?

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