Halloween Flair: The Ultimate Scare with Three Halloween Horrors

For many of us, we take advantage of the spookiness of the season. Here are three recommendations to do just that this October 31st.

Horror Recommendations Three To Read
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We’re a week away from All Hallows Eve, a night dedicated to picking up sweet treats for the young and innocent. For our scare-loving crowd who prefer a bit of terror on this most eerie of nights, we’ve gathered three of 2023s most horrifying tales for your delight.

Hot Pick

All Hallows

by Christopher Golden

All Hallows by Christopher Golden, books cover with red veins on a black background that resembles a terrifying face, the eyes have candle flames.


Halloween night has come, and the children are in costume, ready to trick or treat. There are feuding families, secrets being revealed, and mysterious children trying to escape The Cunning Man. Follow along in this creepy and gory tale with multiple story arcs and goosebump-raising terror.


For my 80s/90s horror movie lovers, this is a perfect nostalgic novel just for you! The premise of this novel reminds the reader of the mythology that surrounds Halloween. The worlds of reality and spirits are never closer than on All Hallows Eve. Sure to be spinetingling and keep you on your toes, pick up All Hallows for your October 31st read.

Coffee Shop Read

The Creeper

by A.M. Shine

The Creeper by A.M. Shine book cover. White background with mirror images of a house in the woods and birds flying away from it.


In a stroke of academic luck, Ben and Chloe are chosen for a project to help a renowned researcher in a remote Irish village. Upon arrival, they’re cognizant of an ominous presence that permeates the village. A village which no one has ever heard of. They’re not welcome; all residents shun them and lock themselves away prior to sundown. One child speaks to Ben and Chloe, imparting upon them the thing that stalks and terrorizes the residents. When they spot him, they realize why no one else knows about this town or its history.


What’s better than a haunted house story? A. Haunted. Town. A remote village where a creepy entity stalks the night and haunts the residents, that’s been kept secret forever… I’m ready to be petrified! A.M. Shine does what they do best, and that’s bringing to life the thing that goes bump in the night. Be prepared to leave your lights on and doors locked after reading this one.

Dark Horse

All Hallows Eve

by Michael Penning

All Hallows Ever by Michael Penning, book cover of a foggy evening and a mysterious woman in colonial garb.


18th-century Salem, Massachusetts, a century after the notorious Witch Trials, a man goes missing. Taking it upon herself, his wife, child in tow, goes in search of him only to discover the insidious curse laid upon the town. What is dismissed as superstition is soon taken seriously as an ominous figure suddenly takes her daughter. Supernatural forces are at work within the borders of Salem; it will take everything Alice has to save her daughter and herself.


Salem Witch Trial. Curse. Haunting Angry Spirits. Need I say more? This historical horror is one for the record books. You’ll get lost in the labyrinth of terror and suspense only to find your way in the most unexpected places. If you’re interested in the era of the witch trials and love a race against time with puzzles sprinkled along the way, this is the book for you.

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