YA Romance Novels That Are As Sweet As Chocolate Milkshakes

What could possibly be as sweet as a chocolate milkshake? 3 YA romance books full of banter, meet-cutes, and insane chemistry between the two love interests.

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Just in time for National Chocolate Milkshake Day, here are three young adult romance novels that are the perfect match for the perfect dessert. If you love extremely sweet YA romance reads, then these recommendations will be just the ones for you.

Better Than The Movies by Lynn Painter


Liz Buxbaum has never felt anything for Wes Bennett other than annoyance and a need to continue her longstanding rivalry with him. And Wes has seemingly felt the exact same way. When Liz’s forever crush, Michael, from her childhood, transfers to her high school right before senior prom, she knows it must be fate for them to go together. She is certain that it is finally time for her to experience the romantic movie moment of her dreams. But in a turn of events, Liz realizes that in order to get Michael to notice her and ask her to prom, she must enlist the help of her arch-enemy neighbor, Wes. They have to do the unthinkable––pretend to be together and fake having feelings for each other. However, before they know it, those feelings start to become real. Filled with flirtatious banter and endearing characters, this will undoubtedly be one of the sweetest romances you will read all year.

The Summer of Broken Rules by K.L. Walther


Losing her sister made Meredith Fox pull away from her friends and the whole world for a long time, but when summer comes around again, she has decided she is ready to start living again. She begins by going with her family on their annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard, but this time, her entire extended family is gathering for a wedding. Part of the celebration includes participating in the Fox family game of Assassin. Her sister had always been the best at the game, and Meredith is going to do whatever she can to make her proud. What she didn’t plan on, though, was falling for the attractive groomsman, Wit. Between losing her sister and recently being broken up with by her previous boyfriend, Mer is not looking for love, but it finds her anyway. She is not sure that her relationship with Wit will even be able to last beyond the summer, but she knows it is still the sweetest love she has ever had.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han


If you haven’t read this book (and series) yet, then what are you doing? It doesn’t get much sweeter than Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky. Childhood friends to acquaintances to lovers. Brought together through the glorious fake dating trope, Lara Jean and Peter will be the couple who make you believe that high school romances really can last. Lara Jean is the hopeless romantic, artistic, and introspective innocent “girl next door,” while Peter is the self-assured and popular jock who is loved by everyone. Their romance is every bit as sweet as a chocolate milkshake (which just so happens to be Peter’s drink of choice at the Corner Cafe he so often frequents with Lara Jean in the movie adaptation).

Treat yourself to a chocolate milkshake today, and one (or three!) of these sweet YA picks.

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