‘Winter Before Spring’: Can These Girls Find Love?

Winter Before Spring is an lgbtq girl love romance Webtoon. Ready for blossoming high school drama this spring?

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Need an lgbtq girl love Webtoon this spring? The Webtoon Winter Before Spring is a high school drama romance about a girl being bullied, and finding solace through the new good looking female student. Can she overcome her quiet nature and stand up for herself? Will she be able to love herself and find someone who does just as much? Read on to find out more.

Winter Before Spring Plot


Hana recently fell in love with her best friend, who just happens to be a girl. After a confrontation she accidentally blurts out her feelings. Fearing rejection, her friend accepts her feelings graciously and they start dating. Hana is happy her wish came true, but it all comes crashing down as she uncovers a nasty truth, thus leaving her an outcast.

Winter Before Spring Characters



Hana is a kind hearted girl who only has Min-Ji for a friend. She isn’t so sociable but she does anything to please her best friend. She is very smart and helps Min-Ji with her homework. She loves reading comic books and loves to study. She is good natured and is somewhat of a people pleaser. However, she has a huge crush on Min-Ji and doesn’t know how to handle it. She’s never liked any girl so intensly before. As she is discovering who she is, some situation outs her secret and her dream comes true. However, when Min-Ji’s true intentions come out, she becomes an outcast with no voice, just going through the motions at her high school. Being shunned for a long time, she didn’t think she’d find a new friend at all. Until the new student arrived.



Yura is the new student who has a stoic aura. She seems intimidating but is friendly when she arrives. Her new deskmate happens to be the outcast, Hana. However, she wants to befriend her, with immense difficulty. As she questions why everyone warns her about Hana, she makes her own investigation and finds out she is being bullied. With attempting to defend her she can see Hana is hesitant on her friendship. But there is this pull to protect her and get to know her, and she’ll prove to be a good person to her.



Min-Ji seems nice and clings to Hana. She is her best friend after all. However, once she is away from Hana she seems to have a frown on her face. Not to mention when she finds out about Hana’s romantic interest in her. Something clicks. She accepts a relationship with her but it involves doing what she wants, talking about what she wants and copying Hana’s homework. Once Hana confronts her about these things, she deflects and soon breaks up with her. She makes Hana an outcast and admits to using her for homework and other tasks. She never cared to be her friend from the very beginning, and thought of Hana as a pushover. Min-Ji bullies Hana with her new posse whenever she can, but now that Yura, new student, is in the picture she is frustrated and angry.

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