‘The Strongest Florist’, Will He Create a Flower Empire?

What happens when your dream is to open a flower shop but you’re allergic to flowers and your father wants you to be an MMA fighter? You create one in a video game of course.

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Want to read an action adventure Webtoon about flowers? From creator Kumtata and artist Hyun Hoo Joo comes The Strongest Florist. This Webtoon updates every Saturday, and is based on a Webnovel. The Strongest Florist is about a giant, intimidating guy who deep down wants to own his own flower shop. Read on to find out more about how he will accomplish his goal.

The Strongest Florist Plot


Even though he’s built like a fighter with a fearsome scowl, Jaeho wants to open a flower shop. However, his father disapproves, pushing him to be an MMA fighter. Enter the VR game “New World”, which Jaeho uses to escape reality and open a flower shop there. When you can’t make your dreams come true for real, make it a virtual reality. Follow Jaeho and watch his adventure unfold.

The Strongest Florist Characters

Jaeho (Althea)


Jaeho is a kind hearted guy with an intimidating aura and scowl. Although he looks intimidating he is a gentle giant who wants to own his own flower shop. His dream career is to be a florist but his overbearing father wants him to be a professional MMA fighter. His life is going to college and going to Wurum Gym, his father’s gym. But when his friend introduces him to the “New World” VR game, he decides it’s time to open his flower shop in secret. Going under the name Althea, he goes to Luxy forest, a dangerous place ruled by elves. His love for plants help him befriend the elves, opening a quest to save the mother tree and help elfen kind. Although he didn’t ask for this quest, he finds it in his best interest to fulfill it. Soon many opportunities open up for him, new people, and soon his flower shop dream is coming true.



May is a new gamer in “New World”. She joins a cult who are stuck in Luxy Forest and are trying to find methods to befriend the elves. However, it doesn’t go as planned. One day she encoutners Althea, an intimidating giant player who comes off as dangerous. But once she finds out about his dream and his positive relationship with the elves, she decides to join him on his journey. At first her agenda was to befriend the handsome elves, but soon she becomes Althea’s friend and floral assistant, keeping track of all the magical plants in Luxy Forest.



Samantha is a knight who is looking to level up and become king of the desert. What she gets is a new profound friendship with Althea, who somehow has completed her quest without realizing it. She takes this as an opportunity to level up in another way, which is to befriend Althea on his quest. She is strong and powerful, and gives Althea connections to help build his floral empire. Although he’s a newbie she can sense his immediate growth and power through these strokes of luck and coincidence, especially with the elves.



Croissant is a merchant, and good friends with Samantha. She is there to help Althea with his floral inventory regarding magical foods and plants. She has her own powerful merchant empire in another city. Croissant gives Althea advice on how to produce his products and make actual money in the real world.

Wansik (Mr Swole)


Wansik is Jaeho’s friend outside of VR. He suggested the game “New World” to Jaeho. He tells him to not go to Luxy Forest. When he finds out about Jaeho and his mistake, he expects his dream to go down the drain. However, when news of his success is spread through the game, he also assists Jaeho in his floral empire.



Ziant is the best architect in “New World”. He was offered a quest opportunity from Althea (Jaeho) to build the largest civilization for elves in the desert, where all the flowers seem to flourish. Although he has a bumpy start, interacting with the elves to help built their utopia, he is slowly getting the job done.



Huka is a popular live streamer who constantly creates live videos of the most popular happenings in “New World”. When his fans become bored he needs to find a new story. That’s when he discovers Althea and his successful growth in the desert. He gets worried when Althea messages him out of nowhere, afraid he will get sued because of his actions. However, when a new quest of filming Althea’s flower shop, he takes it as an opportunity to showcase Althea’s success with the elves and flowers in the desert.

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