Why the Bed is the Best Reading Spot

The temperatures are dropping, so many readers are packed inside for the winter. Here’s why our beds are the best reading spot year-round!

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Sets a playful tone about why the bed is the best place to read.

Sure, we still love to read at the library and that cute coffee shop down the street. And couches are a close contender, but this is what makes beds the top-tier place to unwind with books!


Shows a person reading alone in the dark with flashlight.

There is nothing better than climbing under the sheets, shutting out the world, and settling into a good book.

Endless Reading Positions

There isn’t one proper way to read in bed. Most of us like to sit with our backs against the headboard, but there are so many other comfortable positions. You can rest your feet on the headboard, lie on your stomach, drape over the side, or do a headstand. Whichever way you want!

Open 24 Hours

Children reading under bed sheets with flashlight.

You don’t have to worry about it getting too dark or what time the place closes because your bed’s always open. When you’re heavily invested in a story and want to read until 3 AM just switch on your light and happy reading.

Comfy Cozy Sheets

You can tuck yourself under the sheets. You can have one leg out and the other buried. You can sit completely on top of the duvet. There’s total access to your mountainous blanket collection. Plus bedsheets are sometimes the same color as book pages, so it sets the cozy reading mood.

Food and Drink Permitted

Food and drink in bed with book.

There are zero rules about food and drinks. You make the rules. You absolutely can if you want snacks and hot tea by your bedside or cookie crumbs while you read.

What Dress Code?

This might be the best part about reading in bed. You don’t have to fuss over what to wear. You can dress in your favorite mismatched pajamas or a burlap sack with bedhead all day. It’s entirely up to you and what makes you most comfortable. Again, no rules!

Companion on Stand-by

Child with book and stuffed animal on bed.

For those who enjoy a reading companion, you can always invite your pet(s) to hang out while you read. If you don’t have pets, stuffed animals or plushies are great alternatives and within arms reach.

The bed undoubtedly offers you the most luxury to read. There’s free reign to read whenever and in whatever you want. And you can’t necessarily do that in a library, coffee shop, or at the park. You don’t have to climb off of the couch and walk to the bedroom. Bed is the last spot of the day, so when you’re feeling drowsy and ready to hit the hay, you’re already in it! 

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