6 Cozy Cuddly Romantic Reads to Make Your Holiday Season Even Sweeter

Back for more of our 12 Days of Cuffing? Well, you’re in for a treat! We’re back to bring you part 2, our nice list!

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A couple sits on a blue couch, snuggling close. They have their arms wrapped around each other in a warm embrace. They are sitting a living room setting, with a coffee table in front of them and two cups of liquid. Their slippers are off, and behind them is a white wall with a vase and picture on a shelf.

Welcome, dear readers, to part two of our 12 Days of Cuffing. Hopefully, part one left you with a breathy, hearty appetite for more holiday romances that activate all the feels. This time, we’re moving away from our naughty list and getting into our nice list. This one is sure to wipe away those unhappy tears that our last list may have caused and have you weeping and your heart singing over warmer pairings. These books have certainly been good this year. So, let’s get into these cozy, cuddly romantic reads.

Part 2: Our Nice Book List

Love In Winter Wonderland by Abiola Bello

On the seventh day of cuffing, Abiola Bello gave to us: the charming, handsome Trey, who helps run his family bookstore, and quirky, creative Ariel, who takes a job at Trey’s family bookstore to pay for art school. They hate each other now, but maybe sparks will fly for these two in the end.

A man stands on a ladder leaning against a bookshelf. A girl stands on the floor with a paint brush. He's wearing a black sweater and pants and is tangled up in Christmas lights. She is in a purple skirt and yellow top with red hair and glasses seemingly finishing painting the title of the book. The title is set along each bookshelf in white lettering. The author's name is at the bottom in yellow lettering. The background is in various pink colors.

Trey Anderson must balance the pressures of school popularity and work at Wonderland, the family-owned bookstore. Ariel is in need of monetary means, and working at Wonderland will work perfectly to help pay tuition for a prestigious art program. Learning that Wonderland sits on the verge of closing, and on Christmas Eve no less, sends these two scrambling to keep the bookstore’s doors open. Through this endeavor, they will go through a hate-to-love journey sure to forever change them. Maybe there is love in the end for these two.

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

On the eighth day of cuffing, Christina Lauren gave to us: Maelyn Jones, who’s having a not-so-wonderful-time-of-the-year, makes a wish that comes true. Now she’s doomed to repeat the worst Christmas holiday over and over again.

There are holiday lights and ornaments strung across a green background. the title is in blue lettering and has lights and ornaments on it. The author's name is at the top in white lettering.

Maelyn is living with her parents, works at a dead-end job, and makes the biggest error in romance. Worst of all, this will be the last Christmas she and her family, along with two other families, will spend together at their snowy Utah cabin they’ve visited since she was born. As Mae drives away for the last time, in a mental crisis, she makes a wish to the universe: to show her what it means to be happy. In the next moment, Mae’s caught up in a near-fatal crash that causes her to black out, only to wake up on a plane bound for Utah. She’s repeating the same holiday over again! Caught in a strange time-loop, where back-to-back hilarious disasters ensue, Mae must figure out how to break free and finally get her true love under the mistletoe. For Mae, we can only hope that a wish gone wrong will help love go right.

Say You Swear by Meagan Brandy

On the ninth day of cuffing, Meagan Brandy gave to us: a brokenhearted Arianna who finds someone to love her after being rejected. Will she be able to love him back after having her heart shattered?

The title is in large, white lettering and is set in the center. The author's name is in white lettering at the bottom. In the background are flowers and footballs in pale blue and purple colors.

Arianna Johnson thought her brother’s best friend Chase was the one. She’d planned on finally telling him so this summer. But Chase rejects her, leaving her crushed. Only when his new teammate, star quarterback Noah Riley, wants to put her heart back together again does she find someone who wants to shower her with love. Noah, though, wants more, but Ari doesn’t seem to know her own heart. But even when their path together seems blurry and even when tragedy strikes, Noah fights for the feelings he knows they both have for each other. No matter the cost. A true testament of love in the face of tribulation. Let’s cross our fingers for these two and hope that love conquers all.

Situationship by Meikko Sheiree

On the tenth day of cuffing, Meikko Sheiree gave to us: restless soul Nayelli, who’s seeking adventure and a possible love connection, and charismatic Londoner James, whose usual M.O. is to keep things casual and connections tenuous at best.

A grayed-out scene with Big Ben, the London clock tower sitting at the bottom in the center. other buildings stand around the clock tower darkened. The title is in black cursive lettering. Underneath it is the author's name.

College student Nayelli is excited to take her first trip overseas, where self-discovery and new adventures await. She’s to spend Christmas with her friend Olivia, but instead, she’s left alone in an unfamiliar city. When Nayelli crosses paths with budding actor and musician James along the cobbled streets, things start to look up. James, though, isn’t one for anything serious. He’s emotionally detached and prefers to keep things casual. But with Nayelli, that all seems to change. James finds himself drawing closer to her, someone who lives thousands of miles away. Will their hearts lead the way to love, or will it all crash around them in unfulfilled dreams? This holiday season, love may find them, but only if they let it.

The Ex-Mas Holidays by Zoe Allison

On the eleventh day of cuffing, Zoe Allison gave to us: Maya, who’s fresh out of a job and a long-term relationship, needs to party, not run into the man who broke her heart eight years ago. And Sam, who’s working a side gig, unexpectedly runs into Maya, the one whose heart he broke.

A woman and man stand on opposites of a pair of skies standing up in the snow. They are both dressed in winter clothes and staring at each other with not-so-fond expressions. There is snow, snow-covered trees, and ice blue mountains in the background. The title sits above their heads in large green and red letters. The author's name sits at the bottom in red letters.

Maya dreads heading home to her parents for Christmas. She can’t tell them she’s left her high-paying job and ended her long-term relationship. Not yet. Heading to her friend’s festive party may be a better idea until she runs into Sam, the last person she wants to see. Serving drinks naked. Sam is working a secret side gig to help out a friend, but he doesn’t expect to run into his ex at the party. And he certainly didn’t expect her to take up her old job alongside him as a ski instructor. As the two of them head back down memory lane, they realize their breakup all those years ago may not have been what it seemed. Now, they must stand up for what they want or miss out on their second chance at love.

The Christmas Love Letters by Sue Moorcroft

On the twelfth day of cuffing, Sue Moorcroft gave to us: Maddy, who’s had to get on with her life with her daughter and aunt after an argument sent her husband storming into a blizzard six years ago, and Raff, a handsome stranger who turns up with a handful of love letters that disrupts Maddy’s quiet life.

A blue cover with snowflakes falling everywhere. The author's name is at the top in large, white letters. The title is in larger, yellow lettering across the middle. A stack of letters tied in a red bow sits at the bottom with one letter opened up and sitting on the side of the stack of letters. A yellow pen with its cap off sits by the letters.

Maddy Cracey dwells in an idyllic village tucked into the Norfolk coast. She leads a quiet life after her husband stormed off into a blizzard during a huge argument six years ago, never to return. Now it’s just Maddy, her young daughter, and her great aunt Ruthie, who’ve all settled into a gentle routine. That is, until Raff appears with long-forgotten love letters that upend Maddy’s quiet existence, and family secrets are unearthed. As Maddy and Raff get closer, their love story seems set in stone. But a mysterious message makes her wonder if her own past is as distant as she thought. The Christmas Love Letters feels like a tale full of love and mystery where we can only hope love wins out.

There you have it, readers! Which side do you come out on? Are you for those naughty situationships or those nice and cozy HEA romances? Either way, you can’t have one without the other.

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

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