Why Jaskier From ‘The Witcher’ Is the Best Wine Aunt

Jaskier is one of the most loveable characters in The Witcher series. Follow along to learn why he is the best wine aunt.

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Characters in media always fall under a set of personality types. Whether they are the dad or mom of the group, listing their personality is sometimes under a familial role. This case is also with the characters from The Witcher. Geralt is the dad, Yennifer is the mom, and Ciri is the child. But there are other roles like the ‘Weird Uncle’ or the ‘Wine Aunt.’ Jaskier, the show’s bard and comic relief, falls under the Wine Aunt category. But what does being a Wine Aunt mean, and how is he the best? Let’s look at how he falls under it and what it means for him to be a Wine Aunt!

What is A Wine Aunt?


First and foremost, a Wine Aunt is not a demeaning or hurtful title. It says only a little about the person it refers to. But the defining characteristic is a person with little to no interest in having a family. However, this does not mean all Wine Aunts do not want a partner. Some do, but others do not. It is about their personal preference and what they want. In addition to this, the Aunt may also travel a lot and have a carefree life. They are content with their independence and not bitter about it.

However, many out there feel attacked by the life the Wine Aunts lead when there is nothing wrong with it. The people who attack these Aunts say they have a problem, but that is false. These people live the way they want, and it is not wrong. The Wine Aunt is also subjected to stereotypes. Stereotypes say they are bitter and a “low-value person” when that is false. Everyone is worthy of the life they live or want. There should be no hatred towards someone happy with their life.

Personality is What Matters


Following the definition of a Wine Aunt is the personality of one. Jaskier has the identity of one due to his witty and good humor. While not all Wine Aunts are outgoing, as everyone is different, Jaskier certainly is. He approaches Geralt first without a hint of fear despite Geralt’s reputation. In contrast, some Wine Aunts are introverts or only comfortable with specific people.

But it does not stop them from being friendly or witty when the words come to them. Jaskier falls within the extroverted group and is naturally curious about specific topics. This includes the drama surrounding Geralt since it is his job to sing about it. Another contrast is some Wine Aunts fall between these two areas. It only depends on the person and their comfort with interacting with others.

Being a Bard is Hard


The job of a Wine Aunt can be anything. But in Jaskier’s case, he is a bard. Being a bard is freeing and a little challenging. Jaskier has been in fights, and while he does cause trouble, he is a hilarious character that adds humor to the show. Additionally, his job qualifies as a Wine Aunt’s job due to how much he travels for it. Jaskier goes from town to town and sings about Geralt’s adventures. This type of travel fits with his carefree life as it does not give him the stress of settling down.

However, he is in stressful situations in season two. In season two of The Witcher, Jaskier’s benefactor tells him to help the Elves escape from the town. This is stressful, but he does the job well. However, this comparison does not downplay the jobs that these Aunts have. These Aunts have a wide range of professions, and any job can be stressful. But Jaskier maintains his friendly and carefree personality throughout the stressful situation.

Strong Skills, Stronger Knowledge


Apart from this, Jaskier’s public speaking, singing, storytelling, and writing skills also make him a Wine Aunt. Wine Aunts are naturally curious. They also have knowledge and skills in different areas. These areas are interesting and meaningful to them. Not all subjects will be the same because people have diverse interests. But Jaskier’s interest is storytelling.

It is his job, but he has fun performing for others and soaking in their praises. His passion for writing and performing is apparent in his songs and performances. These skills, and the knowledge that comes with them, are handy when he performs or joins Geralt’s adventures. These skills are what make him a Wine Aunt.

Yet, everything listed above makes him a good Wine Aunt, but what makes him the best is that he still makes mistakes. This makes him the best because he is not above making mistakes. The other characters’ reactions to the problems are not bad. No one tells him he is a horrible person for making a mistake. The problem is dealt with, and the characters handle it from there.

Additionally, Jaskier’s character is not shown as a negative or awful individual. This impacts the term Wine Aunt by describing it as a good personality and ideal. Some people do not want a family or children, which is a good idea. This show has a valid and vital representation of this type of thinking and personality.

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