Fascinating Book Recommendations We Suggest While Waiting On The Witcher

Here are our book recommendations if you want a story similar to ‘The Witcher’. Come experience these stories of sorcery and monarchies with us!

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On June 29th, Netflix released the third season of the global sensation The Witcher. The TV show, which is based on the books of the same name (The Witcher), is set to release the second half of the third season on July 27th. While fans wait patiently on the next three episodes of the show, we’ve compiled a few book recommendations similar to The Witcher to read until the release (or whenever you’re feeling). Come check out our choices!

Frostblood By Elly Blake

Frostblood is a story about Ruby, who’s a Fireblood with the ability to control fire. Firebloods have been ruled by Frostbloods (with the ability to control ice, frost, etc.) for as long as Ruby can remember. She’s been hiding her entire life from the Frostbloods, but when her mother is killed, she is forced out of hiding and desperate to get revenge on the king.


She joins a group of rebel Frostbloods, where she meets Arcus, a Frostblood with a cold demeanor, whom she falls in love with. However, before Ruby can get revenge on the king, she is captured and forced to compete in a royal game that pits Frostbloods against Firebloods in a tournament to the death. Now she only has one chance left to get revenge, but she has to survive first.

Set in a political world ruled by bloodthirsty kings (with the added touch of tournaments to the death), this book gives off vibes similar to The Witcher and is likely to pull you into its immersive world.

Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen tells the story of Mare Barrow. Mare lives in a world divided by blood; those with silver blood (Silvers), who have superhuman powers and rule the kingdom, and those with red blood (Reds), who are commoners. She lives as a poor commoner who thieves to survive, but suddenly, she’s somehow thrown into the Silver Court, where it’s discovered that she has superhuman powers.


In an effort to hide her powers, the king passes her off as a lost Silver princess, and Mare is betrothed to one of his sons. While she pretends to be a Silver princess, she conspires with a group of Red rebels to overthrow the king, all while her heart has other plans.

Red Queen is another story that is similar to The Witcher and Game of Thrones, and is bound to leave you stuck to the page.

Onyx & Ivory By Mindee Arnett

Set in a kingdom, Kate is a traitor by association. Her father once tried to assassinate the king, and Kate paid the repercussions. No longer part of a noble family, Kate gets a job as a courier for the kingdom, a job which many people don’t survive due to the deadly dragons that come out at night.


Kate, however, is a wilder, someone born with forbidden magic, and can talk to and influence the minds of animals. This ability leads her to find a slaughtered caravan, where the only survivor is the king’s son, Corwin Tormaine, Kate’s first love and the man who condemned her father to death. As a new threat emerges that threatens to destroy the kingdom, the two must put the past behind them and join forces in order to save everyone.

With magic, dragons, and politics, this book is bound to hook fans of The Witcher.

While you wait on the second half of season three, feel free to check out these books that have similar themes and plots as Netflix’s The Witcher. Of course, you can also read the books that the TV show is based on. Have you read any of our recommendations?

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