What’s Up With Wordle And Why Are We Obsessed?!

The latest internet obsession is Josh Wardle’s word game, Wordle. No clues. Six guesses. Can you guess the word of the day?

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Logophiles, rejoice! You can now obsess over words without the hassle of carrying a crossword book or newspaper! The new internet word game, Wordle, is the latest technological obsession that is taking word-lovers by storm. You think TikTok is addicting? Just wait until you discover Wordle. Trust us: you can. not. stop.


Just last year, Josh Wardle (yes…that’s his last name), developed a program to amuse his partner who is obsessed with word games. The rules are simple: players receive six attempts to guess the word of the day. If you guess the correct letters out of order, they’ll turn yellow. Guess letters in the correct order, they’ll turn green and eventually reveal the word for that day. Many have likened the app to Mastermind but with letters.

By the beginning of this year, Wordle had attracted a massive audience, growing from 90 players to 300,000. What began as an idea for two partners to spend time together became a social media phenomenon. Although its concept is niche, Wordle has the ability to attract thousands of players just from the sheer competitiveness of the game. There aren’t any clues. You just have to guess words until you’re right…if you can ever guess correctly, that is. I took a stab at the game myself and guessed today’s word. Can you? Click here to try your hand at Wordle.

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