‘What You Need to Know About Nature’: Environment Webtoon

A Webtoon that inspires the protection and knowledge of nature. Explore the environment and interesting facts which can help you feel like you’re outside.

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If you are an outdoor junkie and are looking for a Webtoon about nature and the environment, What You Need to Know About Nature by D.K. Cissel is the ideal comic.

With simple and not-so-great illustrations, it gives the theme of homemade creation when discussing interesting facts, advice, and environmentally friendly affirmations.

4 Of My Favorite Nature Chapters


This bird I have never heard before! There are only seven species and they are pretty much nocturnal, very nightly. Their food consists of small birds and bugs. A special feature this creature has is the slits in its eyelids so they can see you even when their eyes are closed. Creepy yet fascinating.


If you are a parrot lover or have always been drawn by the parrot speaking, this curiosity will be put to rest. A parrot has a syrinx which is an organ similar to our larynx which helps vocalize. These birds can imitate speech almost perfectly so they can learn songs and sounds.


One environmental affirmation is to definitely plant more trees. We use trees so much for various materials, tools, decor, and more. The least we can do is plant more of them. Around the world, there are many deforestations happening due to humanity and the environment. So to counteract this, we can keep planting to produce more oxygen and provide homes for woodland animals.


I feel that sometimes we don’t know our botanical history or any flower info for that matter. The only flowers people seem to remember are roses, tulips, lilies, and daisies. But there are more types of plants and variants of them. For example, I had no clue about dandelions. I always thought there was one kind that you blow and make a wish. However, there are different cousins native to Europe and can be found in North America. With four species that look somewhat similar, who knows what other cousins of the common bouquet gift we can find?

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