What Would the Men in ‘Twilight’ Have Given You for Christmas?

We celebrated Christmas and Stephanie Meyer’s birthday back to back. So we thought of bringing the two together — imagine if Christmas was spent with the men from Twilight!

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jacob, bella and edward from twilight

This time of year is the perfect time to rewatch and reread Twilight. The air is cold, it’s cuffing season… everything about the fall and winter screams, “It’s time to binge the Twilight Saga again!”.

Now with Christmas and other holidays happening all around us, it’s time to consider just what kind of gifts you’d be getting from the alluring Twilight men. They are all very different thus gifting a handful of unique presents to their loved ones. I have always wondered this myself because we only get one Christmas scene in the films!

Here are some ideas for what the men in Twilight might get you this holiday season!

Edward Cullen

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The most mysterious and angsty vampire in the bunch, Edward would certainly gift something very thoughtful. Over the books and films, he has done his best to express emotion to Bella on special holidays. When he proposes to her it is heartfelt and the fact that it was his mother’s ring is so special.

If you were the Bella in Edwards’s life he would probably gift you jewelry he got in the mid-1900s while he lived and traveled as a new vampire. It would be presented very simply but he would be very excited to give it to you. Unless you were like Bella, he would be able to read your mind and get you exactly what you wanted; lucky him! But I truly think he’d give you something from his special collection.

Jacob Black

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Oh, Jacob… he does his best to win over Bella from a vampire. He really does step in when Edward is up and leaves Bella in New Moon. He isn’t a bad guy, he just has wolf instincts if you will. He is definitely the softer of Bella’s two love interests. Jacob is known to be a warm, caring, and sensitive man, while Edward is the cold, pensive one.

We know Jacob is a very thoughtful gift-giver. In the third movie, he gives Bella a hand-carved charm and in the fifth movie, we watch him give Renesmee a homemade bracelet.

Jacob would know you very well and what you to have a relaxing holiday. He would put together a self-care kit with candles, lotions and scrubs, blankets, and maybe a book. Later on, when you go to read the book, you would find a hand-woven bookmark as a delayed gift. Jacob will do anything to show his love to you.

Charlie Swan

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Charlie, the handsome, awkward cop who genuinely loves Bella but doesn’t know how to express it. When Bella moves to Forks, she and Charlie are very timid around each other, trying to learn how to coexist together when they haven’t for years. He does his best to get to know his daughter and set some ground rules but he also gives her space to live her life. By the end of the series, Bella realizes that she and her dad are the same people and she cares for him deeply in a way she didn’t realize she could.

Charlie, being the awkward and at times agreeable person that he is would want you to have something you really liked for Christmas. He would get you a VISA gift card to spend how you wanted and sign a card with just his name. We may see him open up his emotions to Bella during the series but he still gets embarrassed.

Carlisle Cullen

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Carlisle Cullen is one of the main heartthrobs of the films. He has lived centuries and is the kindest vampire anyone has met. His love story with Esme makes me so emotional which means that he would certainly know how to gift. He is well-tempered, quietly spoken, and willing to do anything for his family.

For Christmas, Carlisle would make it very special. He would start it out with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and treat you to a nice dinner. I can see him presenting you with a beautiful diamond necklace that he slides on the table during dessert. I have no doubt he would make every day special, but a special holiday would be his best work.

Jasper Hale

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Jasper is one of the most interesting of the male characters. He can sense your emotions but he is the most tight-lipped, strange vampire of the bunch. We are well aware of his past and he holds his composure around Bella, but he is the hardest to read; how ironic! He dotes on Alice and says that she saved him and gave him hope.

Jasper would get you an assortment of small, thoughtful presents. This is honestly my favorite way to gift! They would all be catered to your liking and he would have remembered little things you mentioned during the year that he made sure to get you. They would all be individually wrapped and you could tell in his eyes just how excited he was for you to open each one.

Emmett Cullen

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Emmett is certainly the most aggressive of the bunch and he likes it that way! He has the strength and his partner Rosalie has the attitude so they are perfect for each other. They don’t show much PDA on screen or in the books but they are known to be quite obsessed with each other. He’s the kind of guy that though you may not see just how much he loves his girlfriend, you are positive that he never thinks about anybody but her.

With all this in mind, it still doesn’t make him the best gift-giver. I can see him giving you a nice long-stem rose, but also one of those infinity necklaces. It would be very considerate but I can see it being a bit generic.

Though most of these men are wolves and bloodsuckers, they all care about their loved ones deeply and love celebrating the holidays with them.

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