Gift Guide: What to Give Your Twilight Bestie for Christmas!

Is your bestie a Twilight fan? If the answer is yes, this is the spot for you. With the holiday approaching, we have a special gift guide for our Twihard fans!

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Breaking Dawn part 2 Christmas screen grab

It’s November, and you know what that means? It’s everything Twilight! We’re compiling a list of gifts from either Amazon or Esty, so you can customize and get these niche gifts at an appropriate time before Christmas rolls in!

Bella’s Moonstone Ring

I remember having a moon ring replica as a kid! Sadly, it’s lost like the rest of my childhood. But luckily for me, and for your Twilight bestie because I found a moon ring from Etsy that looks a lot like Bella’s! I don’t know why this ring stands out so much, but since our Bella has it on her pointer finger, it’s always front and center. This ring would put your bestie in the New Moon mood immediately!

Twilight Stickers

Twilight Stickers of different characters from the series

Once you look at this collection of stickers, you’ll feel like you’re in the Twilight universe. Your Twilight bestie will love these! They can be stuck on anything–laptops, notebook covers, skateboards, binders, anything really! And only for $5.99, you get a great deal of beautifully made stickers! If you have multiple friends in the fandom, you can split the bundle in half, which will surely be enough.

Jacob or Rosalie Makeup Bag

There are some cringe-worthy lines in the movies; I’m not even going to lie. The beauty of being part of the Twilight fandom recognizes the fun and silliness of these scenes. I devour Jacob memes! And it’s all in good fun, so if your Twihard bestie gets the ‘Where the hell have you been loca’ makeup bag, they’ll sure get a good laugh!

On the flip side, if they get Rosalie’s makeup bag, they will want to rewatch her iconic scene from Eclipse in a heartbeat. As much as Rosalie bugs in the first few Twilight books and movies, you can’t help but smile when she busts through that door in her wedding dress. She sure was theatrical back then, and for a good reason!

Forks Mug or Glass Killer Cup

We got two mugs for two different coffee drinkers. If your Twilight lover bestie is a hot coffee drinker, this beautifully detailed mug is for them! It shows the town and all the mementos that remind us of good ol’ forks. You can’t miss Bella’s orange truck, that’s for sure!

“This is the skin of a killer, Bella,” is an iconic line within itself. This cup is only for cold drinks, so obviously, Edward’s line would be plastered onto there because… hint hint, he’s a vampire, so he’s never warm. But don’t worry, we love iced coffee on a rainy day in Forks, Washington. They’ll be in good hands as long as Edward’s around to turn your Twilight bestie into a vampire as soon as possible!

Jacob Temporary Tattoo

Jacob's replica temporary tattoo

Your twilight bestie may or may not be on Team Jacob, but you can’t deny his tattoo was sick! You have to stick this into their stocking as a gag!

Pencil Quotes

Twilight quote set, "This is the skin of a killer," "Where Ya Been, Loca?" "It's the Fluorescents. "La push, baby. La Push." "Hold on tight, spider monkey" "How you liking' the rain, girl?" from elf to right.

These quotes were iconic at the time and are still repeated on a daily. Your bestie will make every excuse to write with these pencil utensils.

Bella and Edward Bookmark

Edward and Bella cutout with the quote "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb"

Team Edward fans will devour this bookmark. It’s so cute! It will give great nostalgia to your Twilight fan bestie! It’s when Edward admitted what he really was: A vampire obsessed with her blood! When a lion fell in love with a lamb… I was on the edge of my seat at that scene, and I still am whenever I rewatch the first Twilight movie!

Custom Book Cover

4 custom books

These custom book covers are absolutely breathtaking and a must on your bestie’s Christmas wish list. It’s on the pricier side of $100, but the result is so worth it! Just look at the customs they’ve done for other books! Your bestie will love you for life! If the price is a little too steep, split it with a friend so you can both award your best friend something special.

Alice Replica Baseball Jersey

The baseball scene in Twilight has to be everyone’s favorite scene of the entire series. It was iconic and well-edited, and it truly started the trope of Bella always getting in trouble with Nomad vampires. So it should be no shocker that we have Alice’s jersey. It’s a monotone color code that can be worn at any time! Your bestie would totally rock the jersey to play or to wear casually.

Twilight White Book Set

white book set of the twilight saga

This white set of books is so beautiful! If your Twihard bestie is an avid reader of the series– meaning they reread on a daily basis, it’s time for them to get the white edition. Fresh, crisp pages with a magnificent white background give it an innocent look to a deathly romance vampire story!

Whoever said Twilight reading and watching is only in the month of November didn’t realize Twilight gifts could be used all year round! Your friend will love these gifts, so grab a few for their stocking– the mugs, stickers, makeup bags, bookmark, pencils, or tattoo, and pick up a big gift– the book set, Alice’s Jersey, the custom book cover, or Bella’s ring. Whatever you decide to choose, they will love! Trust me!

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