What ‘Twilight’ Characters Would Dress Up As On Halloween 

Just because most of the characters in ‘Twilight’ are already either vampires or werewolves doesn’t mean they don’t get festive for Halloween!

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If a Halloween costume party was ever thrown at the Cullen’s house, here’s what I what I think everyone would wear.


First of all, Alice would without a doubt be the one to throw the party. No one else would be convinced to go if it wasn’t for her. And as the host, you better believe she would be going all out for her costume. And what better costume could there be for Alice than Arwen from The Lord of the Rings?

From her pale white skin, to her delicate features, all Alice would need to completely transform into Arwen would be some pointy ears, a long black wig, and some bright blue contacts. Finish up with Arwen’s iconic green dress, and you wouldn’t be able to tell who was who. 


Some of Jasper’s quiet and polite charm undoubtedly comes from his past life in the South during the mid-1800s, before he was turned into a vampire. I can only imagine that he would be delighted to discover that Cowboys were a popular costume choice for Halloween parties. It would remind him of his pre-vampire life, and he would be the best dressed Cowboy you’d ever seen, thanks to Alice.


Jacob would probably end up thinking the whole thing was lame, but would end up going anyway so he wouldn’t be left out. Would he put a lot of effort into his costume? No, no he would not. I can totally see him buying a cheep wolf mask from Party City, as a joke, and going as The Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. It would definitely get him some eye rolls and chuckles at the party.

Edward and Bella 

Hear me out, I think that Bella and Edward would go as Beauty and the Beast. They are definitely the kind of people who are so all-consumingly in love with each other that they wouldn’t think it was cringeworthy at all to do a couples costume.

And think about it, Beauty and the Beast is honestly perfect for them. Edward thought of himself as a monster (or “beast”) for so many years, until Bella made him realize that he wasn’t. Just as the lion fell in love with the lamb, beauty fell in love with the beast. (Also, the name Bella is obviously extremely close to the name Belle, which makes it even better).


I can see Rosalie dressing up as The Bride of Frankenstein, but less hideously undead, and more breathtakingly beautiful. If Rosalie was going to take the time to deign to go to a silly little Halloween party, you better believe that she would make sure she was the best looking person there. Also, as we have already seen in Rosalie’s flashback sequences in Eclipse, she looks stunning in a wedding dress (even while she is killing evil men).


I think Emmett would show up to the party as a WWE Wrestler, and he would totally pull it off. He already has the physique for it (no muscle suit needed!), and his loud and energetic personality is a perfect fit. Rosalie would probably pretend to be annoyed with Emmett’s costume choice, but she would secretly love it.

And those are all the costumes I think that the Twilight characters would select for a Halloween party (Spoiler alert: Alice would win Best Dressed).

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