3 ‘Twilight’ Characters Who Are Absolute Teddy Bears

We’ve almost officially made it to fall. And you know what that means––it’s time to binge all of the ‘Twilight’ movies, again.

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Say what you want about the acting, and the special effects, and the plot, but Twilight is the ultimate fall comfort series. Speaking of comfort, here are my three top picks for the most teddy bear-like characters from Twilight, to celebrate National Teddy Bear day!

Jacob Black


This first one should be pretty obvious. Jacob is the epitome of a teddy bear. He is kind, strong, lovable, endearing, and covered in fur half of the time. (Does that make him a teddy wolf instead?) He is a protector at heart, and no one is more loyal to the people they love than he is. Also, remember the tent scene from Eclipse? Bella was sleeping with her very own life sized teddy bear, and he kept her safe and warm all night long.

Carlisle Cullen


Even though Carlisle is a vampire, (and therefore cold, hard as marble, and constantly repressing an instinctual desire to drink the blood of humans) he still qualifies as a teddy bear, because it’s the heart that counts (metaphorically of course, his actual heart doesn’t beat and is also as hard as a rock). I personally think that Carlisle is the most understanding and compassionate character in the entire Twilight series. Who else would willingly let their son bring a human girl into his vampire family, threatening her safety and theirs, just because she made Edward happy? Teddy bear energy right there.

Charlie Swan


This selection may be a surprise to some, but hear me out. Underneath Charlie’s awkward and somewhat distant exterior, he really really is a sweet little teddy bear. He just likes to keep that part of him hidden sometimes. His inexperience with raising a daughter makes him sometimes act uncomfortable around Bella, and makes him come across like he doesn’t care about her as much as he should. But real fans of Twilight can see past Charlie’s reserved exterior, and can see a man who loves his daughter more than anything, and cares about her safety and happiness more than his own.

These three “teddy bears” play a big part in making Twilight the fall comfort series we know and love. Now what are you waiting for? Rewatch them all now!

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