What Poolside Read You Need: Amazing Books With Swimming

If you’re spending time at the pool, you need a perfect poolside read to bring with you. Take one of these to match the summer energy and swim sessions.

Fiction Recommendations Romance Thriller & Mystery

Ready to take a splash this summer? As you cool off from the summer heat, here are some book recommendations that are perfect for a day at the pool. So, pick one of these fantastic books to be your next poolside read.

1. Swimming by Nicola Keegan: A Darker Poolside Read


If the sports aspect of swimming intrigues you, check out Swimming by Nicola Keegan. Swimming follows Philomena, otherwise known as Pip, as she tries to become an Olympic swimmer. But when her whole life revolves around swimming, Pip struggles to understand who she is outside of the pool. So if you like darker, more introspective stories, this is a great poolside read.

2. Streamline by Jennifer Lane: A Romantic Read for the Pool


Next up is for high school drama fans; Streamline is the perfect read. Streamline follows Leo and Audrey, both top swimmers on their high school team. Unfortunately, they both have darker histories— Leo’s mother got in a car accident, and Audrey’s father goes to prison for murder. They struggle to cope and succeed on the swim team, but Audrey and Leo have each other to keep themselves steady. It’s a great poolside book to pick up this summer. Streamline is part mystery and part romance, and all are focused on swimmers.

3. Swimming Home by Deborah Levy: A Poolside Summer Mystery


Looking for a swimming pool mystery? Swimming Home follows Joe and his family as they take a vacation to a nice villa. Until they look in the pool and discover their villa comes with an unwelcome surprise. There’s a body in the pool, and she’s still alive. Kitty is the unexpected other resident at their villa, and Joe’s left to discover what she’s doing here. If you want a mystery, this poolside read is perfect for you.

4. The Night Swimmer by Matt Bondurant: An International Poolside Read


Prefer the idea of swimming in international waters? The Night Swimmer takes place in Ireland, following Fred and Elly who moved there from Vermont after winning a pub in a contest. What’s more, Elly decides to take up open-water swimming at the nearby island to cope with their move. But her swims aren’t only relaxing—it’s across open waters that she’ll learn the history of the island. Even more, she’ll learn about Irish history. For a unique use of swimming in a plot, this is a great poolside read.

5. Coming Up for Air by Miranda Kenneally: A Swim Team Pool Story


Next, if you like love stories to get lost in by the poolside, this is the perfect choice. Coming Up for Air follows Maggie, a high school student devoting almost all her time to swimming instead of typical after school antics. But when a visit to a college campus makes her realize what she’s missing, she starts looking for the perfect high school love story. Fortunately, her best friend and teammate, Levi, might make the ideal high school boyfriend. Can she manage to balance her swimming life with her love life?

6. The Summer List by Amy Mason Doan: A Lakeside Swim Story


Lastly, if you’re a fan of summer friendships at lakes, this swimming story is sure to be perfect. The Summer List follows Laura and Casey, longtime friends who used to spend most of their time together in their lakeside town. But when a betrayal splits their relationship, they part ways. However, a reunion brings them back to their hometown, where they have a scavenger hunt through their old memories to see if their friendship can come back together.

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