Your Favorite Pool Activity Recommends A Book For You

June 24th is Swim a Lap Day! Instead of exercising your physical skills by swimming a lap, check out these books to read by the pool to exercise your mind!

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June 24th is National Swim a Lap Day! Swimming is just one of many ways to entertain yourself at the pool. How you choose to spend an afternoon at the pool reveals several key traits of your personality. Keep reading to get recommended a book based on your favorite pool activity!

If you like to tan by the pool… 


You have impeccable style and are known for your glamour. Your grace and class are timeless, and so is your selection of books. You can never go wrong when you pick a classic, and I am guessing you have a large collection of them. 

Here are a few poolside books for you:

Leo Tolstoy packs romance, drama, and culture into Anna Karenina. In Imperial Russia, Anna is trapped in an empty marriage, and she turns to Count Vronsky for a passionate affair. Desire, disloyalty, and darkness guide readers through the twisting turns of Tolstoy’s narrative. 

Edith Wharton masterfully portrays desire and betrayal set to the backdrop of Old New York in The Age of Innocence. Newland Archer questions his engagement to May Welland when he develops adulterous feelings upon Countess Ellen Olenska’s return to New York. Archer grapples with the merits of duty versus desire as he ponders a seemingly impossible decision. 

If you like to play mermaids…


Your spontaneity and cheerful disposition are contagious. You are always seeking out adventures. You are a little kid at heart and love to have fun. With your active imagination, reading is one of your favorite pass times. Most likely, fantasy and adventure books are your go-to’s.

Here are a couple of poolside books for you:

Sue Lynn Tan’s book debut, Daughter of the Moon Goddess tells the story of Xingyin, a young girl who has only known a lonely life on the moon. When she learns of her magic abilities and the reason she has been hidden away her whole life, Xingyin must flee her home and her mother to journey to the Celestial Kingdom. Inspired by the Chinese legend of Chang’e, Xingyin embarks on a quest filled with discoveries, peril, and romance. 

Crown of Bones, narrated by the scribe Ash, follows several intertwining stories in the fantasy world of Baiseen. Packed with action and riveting characters, A.K. Wilder immerses readers into a fantastical world filled with vibrance and magic. Crown of Bones is the first book in the Amassia series and will be followed by the anticipated release of Curse of Shadows.

If you are swimming laps in the pool…


Your determination and discipline is enviable. You are incredibly motivated and love to find new ways to better yourself. Most likely, you love reading self-help and non-fiction books. You never miss an opportunity to learn new things, and you are always looking for new healthy habits to adopt.

Here are a couple of poolside books for you:

Elizabeth Gilbert adds to her collection of inspirational literature with Big Magic, a self-help book for readers seeking inspiration in the creative process. Gilbert unpacks her own experiences in creating her work and offers her unique perspective in this culminating work of her wisdom. Gilbert inspires and encourages readers with recommended methods, habits, and attributes for anyone embarking on a journey in pursuit of their dreams. 

Sarah Stodola explores the history of beach resort culture in The Last Resort: A Chronicle of Paradise, Profit, and Peril at the Beach by diving into the motivations of beachgoers as well as the economic, cultural, and environmental consequences of resorts. Stodola’s blend of journalistic research and firsthand notes interweaves a compelling narrative that raises several pressing questions for the future. 

If you are diving into the Pool…


Nothing scares you. You love trying new things, and you never let fear hold you back. Thrill seeking is a hobby of yours, so of course you love reading thriller books. You love any book that can keep you on the edge of your seat.

Here are a couple of poolside books for you:

Isabel Canãs fabricates a haunting narrative in her suspenseful Mexican Novel The Hacienda. In the wake of the Mexican War of Independence, Beatriz struggles with the loss of her family and home. She marries a handsome, wealthy man, and she moves with him to Hacienda San Isidro. Isolated and alone in the remote countryside, Beatriz battles her own fears and other sinister threats. 

Lizzy Barber constructs a titilating thriller in her new novel Out of her Depth. Upon landing a Summer Job in Florence, Italy, Rachel finds herself tangled in a web of lies, manipulation, and deceit when she joins a circle of young, wealthy socialites. Rachel cautiously navigates this new world, which drastically diverges from her quiet life in the suburbs of London that she is accustomed to. 

If you are chilling on floaties…


You are super chill and like to just lay back and go with the flow. Your ideal pool day includes sitting in a floaty and casually chatting with your friends. You love reading books that feel personal and conversational. Memoirs always have a place on your bookshelf.

Here are a couple of poolside books for you: 

From childhood grief to her time on Saturday Night Live, Molly Shannon chronicles the path of her life and career in Hello, Molly!. Shannon’s fearlessness and natural comedy entertain readers as she revisits the beginnings of her career with stories about some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Inspiring and hilarious, Shannon shares her story with candor and warmth. 

Viola Davis recounts her life from childhood to her journey to fame in her memoir Finding Me. Davis confronts her past with deep reflection as she narrates the experiences that brought her to where she is today. Davis inspires her readers to dedicate time to find themselves and accept who they are.

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