‘Villain with a Crush’: Can a Criminal Find Love?

‘Villain with a Crush’ is a romantic comedy with a superhero twist. A huge misunderstanding causes more villainy; readers will laugh, hope, and cringe at the villain’s attempts at love.

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A new romance released a Webtoon called Villain with a Crush. It may seem self-explanatory but not everything is black and white. This is a romantic comedy, as one misunderstanding leads to a hijinx of constantly failing confession attempts. Creator Seyoon updates this Webtoon every Friday, so prepare for action, laughter, and some serious moments as the situation gets worse before it gets better.

Villain with a Crush: Plot


Dumped after confessing her feelings to her first crush of three years, she soon falls for a second time on the Superpowered Police Officer, Doryeong Han, when he rescues her from a toppling building. A few years later a mysterious villain named Blackdog appears yet Doryeong notices something odd about them. Will this villain find true love?

Rosa Park


Rosa Park is a shy high school student who studies and keeps to herself. She’s had a crush on a guy for two years and decides to confess only to be rejected. To top it all off, the building begins to crumble with her on the roof. Suddenly SP Officer Doryeong saves her and ever since then she admires and develops a crush on him.

A couple of years go by and she is his fan, like many who have been saved by him. She wants to confess these feelings, but with every attempt, he is saving lives, amidst the danger. So, Rosa decides to get caught up in the fray in her way. She wears a mask and a bodysuit to disguise herself. But when her newfound powers cause a fellow SP Officer to get hurt, Doryeong can only see a villain in a mask. Now she is determined to clear her name before this misunderstanding spreads. But when she becomes known as the notorious villain named Blackdog and loses control of her abilities, she doesn’t know what to do.

Doryeong Han


Doryeong Han is popular for his telekinesis and self-regeneration. He has had them since he was born and soon enrolled in the SP Officer Program to save lives. He has been on a winning streak with the help of his team. The citizens believe no one is a match for him. Let’s just say it goes to Doryeong’s head. But when a new villain hurts his officer, comrade, he is determined to defeat them. But for the first time, he is defeated and cannot make a mark. This person has super strength and teleportation.

Will he be able to catch the new villain Blackdog? Amid this chaos with his job, he is attempting a focus on his college studies, he even bumps into a potential friend who he can be vulnerable with. But the pressure is on, and as there are many attempts for Blackdog to attack, they don’t. Determined to get to the bottom of this Doryeong, will seize every opportunity to obtain this new villain.

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