Up and Coming: 5 Stellar Non-Fiction Books to Look Out For

February is nearly through but there are still some incredible non-fiction books to keep an eye on. Keep reading for our picks!

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February might be halfway through, but the non-fiction books keep on coming! This genre is special to read because you gain a substantial understanding of a subject or somebody’s life. Our curated picks for this month range from topics like food to otters. You can pick the following titles up and learn plenty from what these authors have written!

1. Slow Noodles: A Cambodian Memoir of Love, Loss, and Family Recipes by Chantha Nguon with Kim Green

Slow Noodles is a memoir of a Cambodian refugee who lost everything: her house, her country, her family, and her friends. She does, however, still have memories of her mother’s kitchen and the foods that were cooked before the dictator tore the country apart. For the author, Nguon, recreating these dishes, which are actually included in the memoir, is a way of reclaiming her place in the world and honoring the memory of her mother.

book cover of Slow Noodles with food illustrations

2. Splinters: Another Kind of Love Story by Leslie Jamison

Leslie Jamison has become a beloved contemporary author often compared to Joan Didion and Susan Sontag. In her first memoir, Jamison examines what it means to be a mother, an artist, a teacher, and a lover. She explores her perception of her most intimate relationships, like those with her daughter, her husband, and her parents. Splinters celebrates the arrival of new love following the departure of another, as Jamison writes with such emotion.

red book cover of Splinters with collage in middle

3. Stranger in the Desert: A Family Story by Jordan Salama

Stranger in the Desert tells the story of Salama as he discovers an old photograph of his great-grandfather who left behind his descendants as he was a traveling salesman. Salama embarks on a search for these “Lost Salamas,” traveling over a thousand miles through South America’s mountain range. This book is a combination of travelog, history, memoir, and reportage, taking the reader from the high Andes to Buenos Aires. Stranger in the Desert is a journey of self-discovery as Salama grapples with his own heritage.

book cover of Stranger in the Desert with photo of a mountain

4. Otter Country: An Unexpected Adventure in the Natural World by Miriam Darlington

Darlington is a nature writer who is simply captivated by otters. In Otter Country, she captures this fascination for these animals and chronicles her journey through their world. Over one year, Darlington takes the reader from her home in England to Scotland, Wales, the Lake District, and Cornwall. She meets biologists, conservationists, fishing and hunting enthusiasts, and poets to enrich her knowledge of the creatures. As she goes, she reveals the scientific, environmental, and cultural importance of otters.

blue and orange book cover of Otter Country with illustration of an otter

5. Whiskey Tender: A Memoir by Deborah Taffa

Whiskey Tender tells the story of Taffa, who was born on the California Yuma reservation and raised in the Navajo Territory in New Mexico. It tells of how she comes to her own interpretation of identity, despite her parents’ desire for her to transcend class and status through education. Taffa’s childhood memories include tribal identity, the criminalization of Native men, governmental assimilation policies, the Red Power movement, and resisting systemic oppression. Taffa reflects on her past and present in Whiskey Tender.

book cover of Whiskey Tender with old photos

Now that you have some stunning recommendations, you can pick these books up and instantly gain insight into these five varying topics. With such diverse subjects to read about, you will learn plenty from each of these amazing titles. Although February is halfway through, there are still many highly anticipated non-fiction books coming soon this month.

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