Rich Life Lessons From Our Favorite Spunky Old Broad

America’s sweetheart Betty White shares details of her life, memories from her career, and her thoughts on love and life in her memoirs. We can all learn something from the spunkiest of old broads!

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There are not many figures as universally adored as Betty White. Throughout her extensive career in show business, Betty White won the hearts of millions with her acting, her wit, and her kindness. We know her as one of the iconic stars of the hit TV show The Golden Girls, the eccentric caretaker from Hot In Cleveland, and one of the most accomplished women in Hollywood who constantly strived to make the industry more inclusive.

But even the biggest stars have underrated facts about them, and Betty’s was her illustrious literary career. In her lifetime she wrote multiple books, most of which focused on her love for animals and passion for animal rights. When she wasn’t penning stories about her favorite four-legged pals, Betty wrote memoirs discussing significant aspects of her life, including her professional and personal life.

While her memoirs are by no means guides on how to achieve Betty White levels of success, there are definitely lessons to glean from each one. Who doesn’t want to know what made Betty White Betty White?

Let’s take a look at her three memoirs and see if we can’t learn a little something about life from the queen of spunky old broads herself!

Betty White: In Person

Book cover for "Betty White: In Person" by Betty White.

Betty White’s first memoir came out in 1987, written during the second season of the hit sitcom The Golden Girls. As the title suggests, White delves into who she is behind her celebrity status, sharing parts of herself audiences would not have seen on screen. She talks about some of her closest relationships, what can make her laugh or cry, and all the things she hates and loves. White was already a successful comedic actress before The Golden Girls received universal acclaim, but rather than focusing on her career and success, White gives fans a chance to know her on a personal level.

When the ebook edition of this memoir came out, White had this to say looking back on her first solo writing project:

I reread Betty White in Person and I was fascinated, naturally ― because it was about ME. But I was also intrigued by my perspective of TV 25 years ago, little dreaming that this old broad would still be hanging around and still be in the same business, and talking about an electronic edition of this book!

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Here We Go Again: My Life in Television

Book cover for "Here We Go Again: My Life In Television" by Betty White.

Eight years later, White released her second memoir in 1991. This book focused more on White’s career ― at the point of the book’s release, White had been acting for 50 years and garnered adoration for her spunky personality, immense talent, and massive heart. By this point, she had some impressive projects under her belt, including The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Password, and The Carol Burnett Show. But White hadn’t always been in television; she first got her start in radio before moving to game shows, which started her transition to television.

Here We Go Again contains not only behind-the-scenes stories about Betty herself, but also anecdotes about other celebrities White worked with in the span of her career, and the friendships she made along the way. Fifty years is a long time to spend in any career, but White proves that the industry can change without changing you.

If You Ask Me: (And of Course You Won’t)

Book cover for "If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't)" by Betty White.

White’s third and final memoir came out 20 years later in 2011 and is a blend of its predecessors’ contents. In If You Ask Me, White discusses the less-than-glamorous aspects of her career and working in Hollywood but also gives her candid opinions on life and love (for humans and animals alike). Unlike the other memoirs, this one is filled with pictures to supplement White’s writing, providing an exclusive glimpse into White’s life for fans to enjoy along with her words.

By the time of If You Ask Me’s release, White had spent over seventy years in Hollywood and added more roles to her already lengthy filmography, including Hot In Cleveland and host of Saturday Night Live. Although the memoir’s title suggests otherwise, White’s stories about the recent decades of her career are proof that the world could not get enough of Betty White.

Betty White won our hearts with her charm, wit, and her unflappable ability to stay herself even after years in Hollywood. But White was more than just Hollywood’s It Girl ― she was also a vocal advocate for people and animals and often used her career to elevate important causes. White made no secret of supporting racial equality and LGBT rights, even when she received backlash.

White’s memoirs are an amazing insight into the life of one of the spunkiest old broads straight from her own life. But let’s be real. White showed us her spunk in everything she did, from her writing to her interviews to her actions. And that fire, combined with her big heart and authentic personality, is the reason why we all aspire to Betty White’s level of spunky old broad.

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