Unique Bookish Gifts to Buy from Small Businesses

As an avid BookTok watcher, I come across quirky small businesses everyday. Here are 3 you should consider buying bookish gifts from this holiday season!

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Tiktok allows artists to market their brands to bookish communities worldwide. It is so fascinating how many interesting ideas people have and what can come to life with artistic ability and videography skills. I dove deep into Booktok and found three businesses that deserve some praise this holiday season. Get the best bookish gifts from some of my favorite small businesses!

Be sure to do your own digging because there are hundreds of small shops that could use some love.

1. Bookwallets by @novelbookwallets

Collection of bookwallets lined up on a wall display / bookish gifts
Image via novelbookstore.co

These wallets are my kind of bookish gift! I found this company when I first joined Booktok and I’ve been obsessed ever since. My favorite part about Novel Bookwallets is there are so many different books to choose from and all the covers are designed beautifully. In one of the TikToks, the creator of the brand says in the voice-over that one of his main goals is to trick people into thinking the wallets are actually real books. He has certainly accomplished that! There is a Bookwallet perfect for everyone in your life!

Click here to view their website!

2. Bookish Candles by @briarwick

stacks of 6 colorful candles with bookish names
Image via briarwickcandles.com

This candle brand is insanely cool! There is a wide range of bookish candles that cover multiple fandoms including books, greek mythology, and classic literature; and that’s just generally. The website breaks the groups down by YA fantasy, romance novels, and more. My favorite part is under the Romance section, you can purchase candles that smell like specific “boyfriend material” men from novels!

There are “Adam” and “Olive” candles from The Love Hypothesis, Harry Potter related candles, and even more options from the current most popular YA and classic novels. The options are endless! I also really enjoy the correlating description that each candle gets. There is so much thought put into each one.

Click here to check out the website!

3. Page Overlays by @nostalgianoted

image of a Twilight overlay being held in place on a book page
Image via Instagram @nostalgianoted

This is another shop I’ve followed for a long time. This artist creates beautiful image overlays that correlate to the scenes on the page. The shop became popular for its Twilight overlays depicting famous scenes in the films– the meadow, Bella and Edward’s eyes, the baseball scene, and many, many more. Bri, the artist, created packs for each film, so each book could have a handful of articulately drawn images. The part of the overlay that isn’t the image is a translucent paper allowing the words to still come through.

These are truly perfect, because when I read these scenes, the movies play alongside them in my head. I think it is a special experience to have the scene drawn out on the page while reading. Bri’s shop is currently closed, but fingers crossed she reopens soon!

Click here to view her Etsy shop!

Be sure to check out these shops and others for bookish gifts now and in the future! There are so many creative people out there, your mind will be blown by all of the unique ideas.

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