Gift Guide: 5 Bookish Gifts You Can DIY This Holiday Season

With the holidays right around the corner, I am sure your brain is scrambling for gift ideas. Here are 5 DIY gifts you can make for the book lovers in your life!

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This holiday season is definitely the season of DIY and thrifted gifts. 2022 has brought out the artist in people in many different forms. I love being gifted something homemade, but I also genuinely enjoy making special, customized gifts for other people. I have compiled 5 ideas that range in skill level so you can either test yourself or make something you feel comfortable doing.

Here are a few DIY ideas for your bookish friends and family!

1. A Bookmark

colorful bookmarks
Image via The House That Lars Built

I have been making bookmarks at birthday parties and holiday gatherings since I was a child. These are fun, easy, and the perfect gift for any bookish person in your life. They can be simple such as the ones pictured above; strips of colorful paper decorated with a colorful tassel or pompom. Or more elaborate, such as laminated paper, stickers, decorative edge scissors, or perhaps pressed flowers! This gift is great for any reader who currently uses a scrap piece of paper to hold their page, such as myself.

2. A Fore-edge Painting

A fore-edge painting being positioned by hands

If you love to paint, this DIY could be for you! Talented artists have been leaving messages and images on the fore-edge of books for hundreds of years. Tiktok and social media have brought this trend back into circulation, painting imagery on the pages of popular novels. The painting above is extremely complicated and intricate, but if you don’t trust your artistic abilities, don’t be discouraged! You can paint the edge in a solid color or stripes, patterns with shapes, or flowers. There are a wide range of options that any book lover would appreciate.

3. A Book Sleeve

two stacked books in fabric book sleeves
Image via Book Riot

If you enjoy sewing or want to try your hand at it, this DIY is for you! If your book-lover is like me, they probably carry a book, or books, with them everywhere. They might be tossed in a bag or held clumsily under their arm but there is a chance the book is getting a bit damaged. This book sleeve is a great solution because it provides a safe pocket for a book to be carried and tossed around without any damage. It’s not too complicated to sew; the best part is you can customize the fabric to match your friend’s aesthetic or interests!

Click here to find directions for this DIY!

4. Blind Date with a Book

Image via Ontarian Librarian

This is a very fun and unique bookish gift! Barnes and Noble have been known to make these and I myself have purchased a handful. Not all of the books I have opened have been my cup of tea, but that is the fun in this roulette book buy. However, the DIY version of this gift allows you to buy the book you know someone would love and then write your own description on the wrappings. This allows customization with the book itself and in its wrapping paper, lettering and designs. This is a quick DIY and provides enjoyment for the maker and receiver!

5. Marking A Favorite Book

an open book with a marked section
Image via Vivatramp

I find this DIY to be a very loving gesture. It takes a great deal of time and attention to mark a book for another person. It entails reading your favorite book or the other person’s favorite book and marking the pages when a line reminds you of them. This can be done very simply with a pencil and hearts as pictured above, but I have also seen it done very elaborately with colored pens and margins filled to the brim with descriptions. I have often dreamt about this being done for me and doing this for someone else; it puts all your emotions on the page, raw and there for that person to read over and over.

These are only 5 of the insanely creative ideas people have when it comes to gift-giving. Be sure to collect your crafting materials soon and start DIY-ing!

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