Underrated and Under 30: The Best Female Word-Weavers 

In celebration of National Poetry Month, let’s take a look at three women under the age of 30 whose poetic legacies are just beginning.

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For almost 30 years, we have been celebrating poetry in the month of April. The world of poetry, in its form and accessibility, is changing and evolving with the times. New writers are reforming the boundaries of prose through their work, and their work is the written record of our society. It is crucial to highlight some of the women who are shaping our generation as their legacy only begins. 

Thus, in continuation with this month’s commemorations, I, with great pleasure, introduce Allison Relyea, Dakota Warren, and Kelly Peacock — three underrated female poets who are growing in popularity. These women, all under the age of 30, have already begun to publish remarkable work that is destined to impact women and young authors alike. 

Allison Relyea

The Honeymoon of Healing by Allison Relyea is an emotional endeavor. This is her second book — she published her first poetry collection at the young age of 26. This collection of anecdotal prose and short-form poetry discusses the beauty that grows from the ravines of suffering life can create. Relyea has an incredible ability to guide readers on a healing journey through her tender words. She touches on many difficult topics such as trauma, relationships, and self-love.

Relyea’s immense vulnerability makes reading her work a close-connected experience that leaves the reader feeling understood and seen. Like her aesthetic, her work establishes a clean and clear slate for the reader to begin a new life upon. If you’re looking to untangle complexities and see things simply, consider reading The Honeymoon of Healing

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For young female authors, I advise embracing the power of vulnerability in your writing. Don’t shy away from exploring the depths of your emotions and experiences, even if they feel raw or uncomfortable. Your authenticity is your strength, and that is what will have a lasting impact on readers, allowing them to connect not only with your work but also with themselves on a profound level. Through my work, I aspire to be a voice of empathy and understanding, particularly in the realms of mental health, healing, self-discovery, and resilience. I aim to offer solace and a sense of solidarity to those navigating similar journeys, reminding them that they are not alone in their struggles and that there is always hope for renewal and growth within the pages of my poetry, and within themselves. 

Allison Relyea

Dakota Warren

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Lady Dakota Warren published On Sun Swallowing — her debut release — in 2022. Accompanied by photography and illustrations, Warren’s words express the existentialism of a young woman who is exploring the emotions of her childhood and present experiences. In this five-year compilation of poetry and journal extracts, Warren’s talented voice both hushes the ghosts of her past and screams life into her opinions. A unique aesthetic has formed around her work that continues to draw in Vintage Americana Coquette–styled nihilists who feel all things deeply. Like her style, Warren’s poetry is a perfect blend of power and gentleness, darkness and light, soft and harsh, and all things in between. She is a multifaceted writer to whom anyone can relate.

Kelly Peacock

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Written for those who feel deeply, Kelly Peacock’s Somewhere in Between is a beautiful exploration of what it is to be human. Published in 2022, Peacock’s writing translates the tendencies of us all into the written word in a way that is truly touching. This book explores how we feel trauma and its lingering effects, along with how we romanticize what we experience. Her words have a warm feeling to them, like when you think about blankets and sweet tea. Though gut-wrenching and powerful at times, her prose remains hopeful for a better life for herself and for you as the reader. Peacock is another amazing poet to add to your TBR if you’re looking for a soft, healing experience.

These three women who became published before 30 years old are already impacting the lives of readers and young women with their ability to weave simple words into something that resonates.

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