Independent Poetry Authors That Will Make You Fall in Love (With Life)

Independent poets are changing the stigma around self-publishing and inspiring zest for life in their readers. Read on for some indie poetry recommendations!

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Orangutan Teeth cover by Trev Cimenski, Soul Thoughts cover by Zyarko, and Diary of a Romantica cover by Celia Martínez on a background of pink and red heart-shaped glitter.

To love someone, to love yourself, and to love life are all immensely different things. These are individual endeavors, which test one’s measure of vulnerability, self-confidence, desire, or hope in separate ways. Each one possesses its own complexities and obstacles. In response, writers examine these compounded concepts to shine light on what may seem like a dark path.

Yet, in spite of their inherent importance, all forms of writing experience a selectivity in the book world. There is a stigma around publishing that weighs on a work’s value and recognition. Large publishing groups separate themselves from independent authors. Writers who self-publish are seen as less poised then those who publish traditionally. Their work is deemed inferior or less credible due to the possibility there was less editing or merely because a big name is not labeled on the cover. As a young writer, I feel it is incredibly important to give accreditation to writers who are self-published.

Trev Cimenski, Celia Martínez, and Nyarko are some of my current favorites. These indie poets publish their work to help others navigate their journey into love, passion, and happiness.

Trev Cimenski

I came across Cimenski’s work many months ago on social media. He gained a massive following on TikTok for reading his poetry. His ingenuity speaks volumes in his whispered words. I was instantly enthralled with his prose and wordplay. When I got my hands on his collection titled Orangutan Teeth, I was overjoyed.

In his spoken word, Cimenski has an incredible ability to temper the sound, speed, and texture of words in a way that is mesmeric. This skill transfers into his written work, which bleeds intentionality and creativity. For those who live life acutely aware, or anyone who feels they just notice things more than others, you will find comfort and connection in this book.

Orangutan Teeth cover by Trev Cimenski, an orangutan surrounded by red scribbles.

One reviewer says:

This book modernizes romanticism and brings poetry back to relevance.

via Kathryn King on Amazon

In only 88 pages, Cimenski covers a variety of topics from self-consciousness to aging to romance. Other reviews describe how his description of tiny, day-to-day details makes the reader fall in love with life. Whether the subject is joyful or sorrowful, Cimenski’s beautiful lines hold a sense of romance in themselves. His poems address the tension and love within human existence, entangled in lines of figurative language that you won’t forget.

Celia Martínez

I stay a romantic because when all else fails, when nothing makes sense in the world, true love, still somehow prevails.

Celia Martínez, Diary of a Romantica, vol.1: Lovers Forgotten

My heart softens over the words this author writes. In her self-published book Diary of a Romantica, vol. I: Lovers Forgotten, Martínez takes the reader on the most exhilarating and confusing journey one takes in life, the journey of falling in love. To me, her writing makes the chase for love feel less lonely, but instead, a universal experience to be grateful for. Her tone of hopefulness remains constant throughout the book even when the context is disheartening. You will fall in love with her writing as she builds within you a hopeful romantic.

Diary of a Romantica cover by Celia Martínez, an anatomical heart.

Martínez addresses the unspoken fears of young adults, and humans alike, about missed opportunities and belonging. She delicately guides you through her personal experiences with relationships and heartbreak whilst helping you understand your own. In a world that seems so bleak, Diary of a Romantica transcends you into a colorful world of desire, where dreams can come true.


I was instantly deeply connected to the work of Nyarko (formerly known as Amzane). The transparency in her writing made me feel as though I had a personal knowledge of her. In a statement she gave, she claims her work is about being “your most authentic self within your passion, no barriers.” Her goals are definitely met in this collection. As I read, I felt a greater understanding of myself. Her multifarious personality and talent is evident in her work as her pieces have a unique balance of creativity and precision.

Soul Thoughts cover by Nyarko, a pair of blue eyes staring outward.

Nyarko is an author, poet, and chemist. She wrote Soul Thoughts: A Collection of Poetry and Prose to provide healing, which she declares is her life’s motivation. Nyarko dissects her emotions and experiences in this poetry book as a gesture of inspiration for the reader’s personal growth.

Here’s how one reviewer summarizes this collection:

The progression of a broken child into a recovering woman discovering herself and facing the adversities of the world.

via Booyahman on Amazon

Nyarko covers familial issues, relationship struggles, and her battle to accept the complexities of her mind. Soul Thoughts begins rather dark, but Nyarko’s path to healing is one of perseverance and self-acceptance. She has an amazing ability to make readers feel seen.

Independent poetry authors are defying the stigma around self publishing. The work these indie authors are publishing are also expanding the boundaries of modern poetry. Authors like Nyarko, Martínez, and Cimenski are experimenting with new form and concept. From a writer’s view, their mode of delivery, ventures with free verse, and literary choices are novel. As they address our shared experiences, they are unifying generations, and providing guidance to us as readers as we navigate this quickly-changing world.

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